I Am Number Four

By Pittacus Lore

About The Novel

I Am Number Four is about this Alien who lives among-st us humans just trying to live daily life and lay low. He may look like the average teen on the outside, but on the inside it's a whole new story. At a young age he came from the planet Lorien with his guardian/protector Henri. Everyday he's doing whatever he can to survive against these, things, that are trying to find him and kill him. These " things " kill in order of their assigned number. "John Smith " As he goes by on earth, is number four.. And the first three are dead.

The Protagonist's/Antagonist's

The protagonist's in I Am Number Four are of course " John Smith " and his guardian Henri, maybe even Sarah Hart, who is John's crush at his brand new high school. As for the antagonist's, Kevin James. So far he is the only character to sort of give John a hard time.

Personal Review

Personally i'm not too big on reading, but I Am Number Four i thought was fairly entertaining. Every chapter seemed to have a cliff hanger, each more interesting and different than the pervious chapter. I love this book, and i would recommend this to any one who's into books about surviving in the most unexpected situations.