Book Review

By: Francisco Jaime


  • The town of Hills Village during school hours.
  • Beginning of November, 2013

Main Character

The main character is Rafe Khatchadorian, he enjoys playing the sport called, nothing, he's more of a "That's supposed to happen" man. A year ago, when he was twelve, he was the shiest person you wouldn't know, because he was shy. Until today, he is one of the most outrages, most smartest, yet worst kid to have in your class. How would you train him?

Other characters

  • , Rafe's mom is a teacher working at the school, imagine her meeting every one of Rafe's teachers. Yikes. Leo, Rafe's best friend, has gotten in a lot of trouble, mainly because of Rafe so don't be mad. Ms. Ruthless Donatello, is Rafe's fist teacher, or what he calls a witch and a dragon combined. Mrs. Ida Stricker, is Rafe's second teacher in the last part of the day, mainly his trouble class. Georgia & Jules, Rafe's crushes since the beginning of time. Miller, Rafe's twin who get in trouble for everything together. Mr. Rourke, his guidance councler and helper with putting pieces of homework back together. Mr. Dwight, Rafe's principle or what he calls a Detention Snake

Likeable / Dislikeable Characters.

My favorite character is Rafe because he seams like the king of the town and his punishment for being bad is prison (school).

I don't like Georgia because she seems like Rafe is invisible so Rafe can't talk to her anymore. She seems like a brat in the book and I don't like that about her and I think Rafe needs to move on to somebody else honestly.

What happened in the beginning?

In the beginning, Rafe comes out of school and introduces himself and everybody else in the book (see chapters 2 & 3) and explains the setting.

What happened in the middle?

Rafe come to big trouble after his teacher finds out he's been cheating and lying about his homework. After that, nobody can trust him, not even his family. He tries to talk to Leo but he disobey's him. His parents later signed him up for Boot Camp in which he escaped with people and dogs trying to find him.

What happened in the end?

The school finds out he escaped boot camp, and eventually treat him as " King of Traps". He gets free lunch and the school is terrified of inviting him over. Leo gets popular by being friends with Rafe and gets a date with Georgia. Rafe on the other hand, becomes very very good friends with the principle and Jules ( his girlfriend). He wonders if doing more bad stuff and getting away with it gets him even more popularity.

How did Rafe solve the problem and what was it?

Rafe's problem was Boot Camp but he solved it by escaping increasing his popularity. Leo becomes his friend again and Rafe get the girl of his dreams ( Jules) to be his girlfriend.

What did I learn from the story?

I learned from the story that big things can happen and it can spread word.

Theme/Main Idea

The theme is to be respectful for what you have now and to not get into trouble or life will hit you.

Did I like the book or not?

I liked the book because it had alot of inspiration to be respecful.

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