Wrigley Chewing Gum

By: Maggie Heitkemper


William Wrigley Jr. created his chewing gum company in Chicago Illinois in 1892. When Wrigley was a boy he loved selling things when he was a boy he sold soap for his dad and even ran away just so he could sell things. Here is the story Wrigley and one of his friends ran away from home (Philadelphia Pennsylvania) to New York City. The two boys lived on the streets and to earn money Wrigley sold newspapers. When Wrigley returned from his journey he was punished. He ether had to go to school or work. Wrigley decided to work cause school bored him. Making soap tired Wrigley. Stirring those huge pots was harder than it looked. So he begged his dad to let him become a sales man. Then he did. Once Wrigley turned 18 he wanted to see if he could make a living on his own so was a waiter and a coffee shop cashier. Once his was ready to start his own business he left his other jobs, moved to Illinois, and finally got started.

First Started

At first Wrigley borrowed $5,000 from his uncle to get started. He actually sold his dads soap at first. Wrigley believed everybody liked getting something for nothing. So whenever customers bought soap he would give them a premium. At first the premium was baking powder. Wrigley then realized how much the customers liked the baking powder. In fact he soon realized they liked it more than the soap. So Wrigley stopped selling soap and started selling baking powder. Now he needed a to give something other than baking powder, so Wrigley began to give 2 packages of chewing gum.

What Changed

Wrigley noticed that customers were bought the baking powder for the chewing gum. So he started a gum business. He hired Zeno gum company . At first the company sold just a few flavors. They were Lotta, Vassar, and Sweet 16 Orange. But latter he introduced many more.

Wrigley had to get used to competition so he had to find ways to compete with the large Thomas Adams company. That's were Wrigley's advertising skills came in. He placed ads in magazines and newspapers. He put huge signs on buildings and even billboards along the roadways. One row of billboards became famous for it's lengh. It ran through Atlantic City and Trenton. People called it the mile long sign.

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It makes people think differently about chewing gum and shows people how a good business man can succeed. And now people chew Wrigley's gum everyday. Because at first there were very few boring flavors of chewing gum. But once William Wrigley Jr. started his started his chewing gum business lots of people started to like chewing gum better because of the awesome flavors he introduced.

Wrigley got offered to join the Thomas Adams gum business. At the time it was the largest gum company around. Adams had 5 other gum companies forming a chewing gum "trust". Can you guess what Wrigley said? "No" cause he wanted to stay independent. He only had Zeno gum company help manufacture his gum. And look were Wrigley is now. He is the top chewing gum company.

Wrigley is very smart with advertising his business. Which in his opinion was a very important part of a business. He spent almost $250,000 on advertisements. But those advertisements made his gum popular. The coolest ad was the mile long one. It went from Atlantic City to Trenton New Jersey. In conclusion gum wouldn't be as popular with out William Wrigley Jr. to start it

1960's Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Commercial

Intresting Fact

When Wrigley got wealthy Wrigley spent his money on things he liked. Wrigley always liked baseball so in 1916 Wrigley became the partial owner of the Chicago cubs. Even today you can see that the Chicago Cubs baseball field is called Wrigley field named after William Wrigley Jr.


The top flavor of gum from the Wrigley company is Spearmint
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