Dietary Guidelines

by Seaira Martin

1. what do the dietary guidelines do for Americans

  • they provide advice to help people live longer , healthier lives.

2. getting enough nutrients within you calories needs.

  • 4 factors that determine calories needs>> age , gender, activity level , and weather you are trying to loose weight or gain it . to maintain healthy weight

  • such as : high blood pressure , diabetes , some types of cancer , heart disease.
  • health risk for being under weight >>
  • 2

4.suggestions for being physically active

  • it gives you energy & give you a health body
  • at least 69 minutes a day
  • get involved in a team or an sport & use the stairs instead of an elevator

5.importance of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and milk

  • they can prevent against heart disease, cancer, and other health problems.
  • they are nutrient rich and cholesterol free
  • drink fruit or vegetable juice , make whole grain products,the star of your meal, eat fruit instead of sugary desserts to limit fats and cholesterol

  • trans fat and saturated fat
  • heart disease
  • reading food labels choosy about carbohydrates

  • fruits
  • desserts
  • too much sugar can lead too high cholesterol

8.why reduce sodium and increase potassium

  • sodium helps control the body fluids ,
  • too much sodium can cause high blood pressure , heart attack , and stoke.
  • potassium helps counteract sodium's effects on blood pressure many fruits and vegetables are good good sources of potassium

9.Avoid alcohol

  • because it can lead too accidents , injuries , violence , emotional problems .

10.why is food safety apart of the dietary guidelines

  • it can help you maintain wellness.