SEM @AustinElem

A Glance into Schoolwide Enrichment at Austin Elementary

At Austin Elementary, we are driven to unlock the passion and cultivate the uniqueness inherent in every learner.

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Did You Know...

  • The Schoolwide Enrichment Model is all about enrichment, engagement, passion based learning, and learner driven exploration?
  • The Schoolwide Enrichment Model @AustinElem includes E-Time, Enrichment Clusters, Brown Bag Lunches, Interest Based Field Trips, Internships, Learner Driven Instruction, and so much more?
  • There are LOTS of opportunities for YOU to get involved in SEM @AustinElem - no matter what your schedule looks like, we can find a place for you!

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Enrichment Cluster Update

November 18th marked Week 5 of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade learners' nine week journey of passion based learning centered around their interests, talents and dreams about how they can make the world a better place.

Learners are hard at work learning new skills, developing creative products, and deciding how they will use what they learn to impact the world around them. I can't wait to see the impact this journey has, not only on the learners and educators involved, but on our school, our community, and on our world!

Click on the link below to see what each of our Enrichment Clusters is all about!

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How Can You Help?

Lunch Delivery

Because the Enrichment Cluster Showcase takes place in the cafeteria, we need help delivering lunches to classrooms on that day. If you would be interested in working one (or more) 30 minute time slot(s), we would love to have your help! Please click on the link below to sign up for the time slot(s) that work best in your schedule. Ms. Malone will meet you in the cafeteria on that day and show you what to do.


What's Happening in E-Time?

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Brown Bag Lunches/Interest Based Field Trips

Brown Bag Lunches and Interest Based Field Trips allow small groups of learners to interact with professionals in the real world who share their passion. Learners are selected by homeroom teachers based on their interests.

This year, our learners have already had the opportunity to...

  • explore the life of a pilot at our first Brown Bag Lunch
  • discover the history and dynamics of flight though an Interest Based Field Trip to the Southwest Flight Ops Training Center and Museum
  • develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills through a cluster based field trip to 1 Hour Escape.
  • utilize the outdoor learning space at Denton Creek Elementary as a source of inspiration for a fairy garden here at Austin Elementary
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I am currently in the process of planning/scheduling future Brown Bag events (Brown Bag Lunches/Interest Based Field Trips) for the 2016-2017 school year. I'm always looking for new ways to engage our learners, so if you have an idea for one of these events or you have a hobby, talent, or passion you would like to share, please contact Liz Malone or add your idea to our Brown Bag Event bulletin board when you are in the building.

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Garden Gossip

We are taking our outdoor learning to a whole new level this year. The garden beds, compost bin, and learning area are in place, and we are ready to take the next steps in making this space a place of wonder and discovery for all of our learners.

This Fall, we have entered into a partnership with Real School Gardens to develop curriculum and identify strategies for bringing the joy of garden living into the classroom every day. Several classes and educators from Kindergarten thru 5th grade have already spent time learning from the experts at Real School Gardens and there is more training on the way.

I can't wait to see where this leads us in our journey toward increasingly authentic, real world learning!

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