Sloth Research

By Gracie McGowan

Sloths Are Very Interesting Creatures!

The word "sloth" means lazy or sluggish. But, sloths aren't lazy. Their slow movements help them blend in with the rainforest surroundings and hide from other animals. In parts of South America, the sloth is called "lazy man."

Sloths are amazing creatures. Sloths are not like other mammals They are born with a full set of teeth and open eyes.

Sloths have many disgusting creatures crawling around in their fur. A sloth's fur is home to many moths, beetles, and mites. These insects lay their eggs and live in the sloth's thick fur, which is sometimes covered with green algae, giving the sloth a greenish-brown look. These bugs and algae help the sloth blend in with it's jungle habitat.

Sloths Are Awesome!

Sloth Movement

Sloths have been estimated to travel at six to eight feet (1.8 to 2.4m) per minute. By comparison, humans can run a quarter of a mile in one minute.

Scientists have found fossils of a marine, or water-dwelling sloth that lived in the ocean millions of years ago.

Sloths are sometimes clumsy. Sloths sometimes accidentally fall from trees. If a sloth lands in water, it may swim a far distance before getting out and climbing another tree.

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