January 12, 2021

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope that 2021 brings back some normalcy to our routines and to our approach to teaching and learning. We will return to hybrid in-person learning starting on January 25th. Please see below for more details. If you plan for your student to stay remote, please scroll down and fill out the form. You will receive an additional communication next week explaining the new protocols and procedures for our return to hybrid in-person learning. We look forward to welcoming students back to the building!

Hybrid Plan Approved!

On January 11th, the CVS Board of Education approved a return to hybrid in-person learning to commence on January 25th.

When we return to school in a hybrid model, half of the IAM students will be assigned to attend in-person on specific days. The IAM plans to run courses live. Whether students are in-person or at home, they will access their classes in a live, simultaneous instructional format via Schoology and Zoom.

Important message: Pursuant to the CV Return to School Guidelines, students cannot stay at the IAM beyond 2:50pm. If students cannot arrange a ride by that time, they should take the bus.

Health and safety are our priorities. Be assured we have been working on these plans for quite some time. A great amount of time and effort have been put into the new safety, social distancing and facial covering requirements in place. Our safety plans are in line with Chippewa Valley Schools. If you have not already done so, please take at the following resources:

-CVS COVID webpage: https://www.chippewavalleyschools.org/covid-19/

-CV guidelines: https://www.chippewavalleyschools.org/downloads/covid-19/cvs_extended_covid_plan_oct_23.pdf

-Macomb County Health Department provides direction on health and safety plans for schools: https://health.macombgov.org/Covid19-ResourcesForSchools

It is critical that you read through this entire newsletter with your student so that expectations are understood as we look ahead to a hybrid return to school. Please know, this is imperative so we can create the safest environment possible.

Staying with Remote Learning

If you are not prepared to send your child back for in-person instruction, please fill out the attached form. We will run our courses in a live synchronous format so students will continue to meet as they have been for each block. Please submit this form by Friday, January 15th.

You need to fill out this form if you DO NOT plan to have your child return to in-person learning at this time. If your child plans to return to in-person learning, there is nothing you need to do at this time.



Students will be separated by alphabet into two cohorts. We are not able to adjust the cohort to which your student is assigned; the intricate planning regarding classroom social distancing requirements was taken into account when these groups were established.

Cohort 1: Last Names A-L

In-Person: Monday, Tuesday

Remote: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Cohort 2: Last Names M-Z

Remote: Monday, Tuesday, Friday

In-Person: Wednesday, Thursday

New Procedures & Safety Protocols

We are compiling a welcome back video with procedures and expectations so students fully understand the new expectations. There are some hallways that will be one-way, many hand sanitizer stations, new rules about lunch time, and several other changes.

At this time, we are not offering in-person after school activities. Student activities will continue to be offered via zoom. In order for the building to be cleaned at the end of each day, students will be required to depart in a timely manner after school. Pursuant to the CV Return to School Guidelines, students cannot stay at the IAM beyond 2:50pm. If students cannot arrange a ride by that time, they should take the bus. We know this is not typical at the IAM. However, in order to maintain a safe and clean environment, we are required to follow these protocols. Cleanings occur each day after school.

Tentative January & February calendars*

*Subject to change based on state and local guideline
Big picture
Big picture

Arrival and Dismissal

Students are expected to arrive at school as close as possible to the start time in a staggered process. As students arrive, they should report directly to their first block classes. Students will not be able to spend time in the hallways and lockers are not allowed to be utilized at this time of hybrid learning.

At this time, we are not offering any in-person after school activities. Student activities will continue to be offered via zoom. In order for the building to be cleaned at the end of each day, students will be required to depart in a timely manner after school. Pursuant to the CV Return to School Guidelines, students cannot stay at the IAM beyond 2:50pm. If students cannot arrange a ride by that time, they should take the bus home. We know this is not typical of the IAM, however, in order to maintain a safe and clean environment we have to follow these protocols.

Partnership for Required Daily Student Health Screening

Parents/Guardians: We are partnering with you to keep a safe and healthy school environment. We require that you will follow the self-screening procedures each day before you send your child to school.

Student Self-Screening Sheet

Screen your child(ren) before leaving for school or sending them to school. These symptoms may indicate a possible illness that may decrease your child’s ability to learn and put them at risk for spreading illness to others.

Section 1: Symptoms

☐ Temperature 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when taken by mouth

☐ Sore throat

☐ New uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing (for students with chronic allergic/asthmatic cough, a change in their cough from baseline)

☐ Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain

☐ New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever

If the answer is YES to any of the symptom questions, keep your child(ren) home from school.

Section 2: Close Contact/Potential Exposure

In the past 14 days has your child(ren):

☐ Had close contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes) with a person with confirmed COVID-19:


☐ Traveled to or lives in an area with a high level of transmission of COVID-19

If the answer is YES to any of the symptom questions, keep your child(ren) home from school. If the answer is YES to any symptom question and YES to any close contact/potential exposure question, call the school as soon as possible to let them know the reason your child(ren) won’t be there today. Call your healthcare provider right away. If you don’t have one or cannot be seen, go to www.mi.gov/coronavirustest or call 2-1-1 to find a location to have your child(ren) tested for COVID-19.

Section 3: Symptom Guidance

If the answer is YES to any of the symptom questions, but NO to all close contact/potential exposure questions, your student may return based on the guidance for their symptoms (see Managing Communicable Diseases in Schools):

• Fever: at least 24 hours have passed with no fever, without the use of fever-reducing medications

• Sore throat: improvement (if strep throat: do not return until at least 2 doses of antibiotic have been taken);

• Cough/Shortness of breath: improvement

• Diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain: no diarrhea or vomiting for 24 hours

• Severe headache: improvement

DISCLAIMER: This screening tool is subject to change based on the latest information on COVID-19. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Screening K-12 Students for Symptoms of COVID-19: Limitations and Considerations



  • Understand signs and symptoms of COVID-19
  • Complete a health screener before entering the building and stay home if sick of have signs of COVID-19
  • To the best of one’s ability, inform Human Resources of medical concerns
  • Follow guidelines for appropriate use of personal protective equipment
  • Always wear a facial covering, except during meals
  • Maintain appropriate spacing in the teacher’s lounge and workrooms
  • Inform administration of any contact with a symptomatic person
  • Exit the building, at the longest, one hour after dismissal to allow for cleaning protocols
  • If additional time is needed in the building, administration must approve. The decision will be limited to school/district sponsored clubs.
  • School sponsored clubs must meet state guidelines for group size and a safety plan must be pre-approved to get permission to hold a club meeting in-person
  • Follow building safety protocols
  • Maintain appropriate space between self and students while providing instruction
  • Encourage students to maintain appropriate spacing
  • Maintain appropriate space between self and other staff members
  • Wear and make ID badges visible


  • Understand signs and symptoms of COVID-19

  • Prior to the school day, conduct daily symptom check and stay home if sick or have signs or symptoms of COVID-19

  • To the best of one’s ability, share medical concerns with the building health aide or staff

  • Follow the guidelines for appropriate use of personal protective equipment

  • Use district provided hand sanitizer before entering the bus

  • Wear facial coverings when using district busses

  • Wear facial coverings in the hallways and other common areas of the building

  • Always wear facial coverings, except when eating

  • Wear facial coverings during emergency drills

  • Follow building protocols for entry and exit of the building.

  • Arrive to school at the scheduled time. Do not congregate inside or outside the school before school begins.

  • Exit the building within 15 minutes of the school day

  • Do not congregate in hallways and go directly from class to class

  • Carry and make ID badges available upon request


We will have Lunch A and B as we typically do on a regular school day. The students will be required to either sit in the cafeteria or they will have the option to sit outside if the weather permits. Students will not be able to eat lunch in the hallways or in classrooms. Seating at the cafeteria tables will be staggered and, if students choose to sit outside, they should bring something to sit on and plan to be at least 6 feet apart.

Cleaning Routines & Hygiene

• High touch surfaces will be cleaned every four hours
• Student desks/tables will be wiped down after each use
• Shared material will be cleaned between use
• Drinking fountains will be closed in our school buildings
• Physical education equipment that is shared will be cleaned between each use
• School buildings will be thoroughly cleaned each night
• Cafeteria tables will be cleaned and sanitized between lunch periods


• Desks/tables will face the same direction when possible
• Within the given space, physical distancing will take place
• Excess furniture will be removed
• Soft touch surfaces that cannot be cleaned will be removed
• Cleaning products and hand sanitizer will be provided
• High touch areas such as desks will be cleaned between groups
• Physical Education classes will take place outside if weather permits
• Physical education equipment will be disinfected between each use
• Students will be encouraged to use their own materials
• The sharing of materials will be discouraged

Facial Coverings

• A facial covering is a cloth material that covers the nose and mouth. Facial coverings may be secured to the head or wrapped around the lower face. They can be made of a variety of materials, such as cotton or linen, and may be factory-made or made by hand. If a facial covering is not disposable, it should be washed daily.
• Facial coverings are required for all staff and students
• The district will make facial coverings available for staff and students that do not have one
• Face shields are not acceptable replacements for a facial covering or mask

Medication Forms & Drop-Off

Please contact Ms. Smith, IAM Health Aide (SSmith02@cvs.k12.mi.us), to arrange for drop off of your child's medications. Please note, you are required to submit a health form. Please find the link here: https://www.iamacomb.org/iam-life/medical/

Students Not Feeling Well

Students should not come to school when feeling sick. The IAM Health Clinic will have a designated "isolation room" for students who become ill during the school day. Parents/Guardians will be expected to pick up any students who are feeling sick as soon as possible. Those students are not able to ride the bus home. Please be sure to keep your students home when not feeling well.

Bus Route Information

Our typical bus transportation will be available once we return hybrid. Only students who have submitted a bus form will be placed on a route. You can access your student's bus route information at https://versatransweb04.tylertech.com/Chippewa/elinkrp/Login.aspx

You will enter your student's ID number for the Username and the Password will be the students 8 digit birthdate (01011990). Click on work with students and click view my student to see your student's bus stop information. If the student does not have any route information, please submit a bus form to tkorth@cvs.k12.mi.us asap to be assigned a route.

Please check out the new safety protocols video the transportation department has created to ensure a safe experience riding the bus.


At this time, visitors are not allowed in the building. In extenuating circumstances, parents/guardians should utilize the CV main entrance on the Romeo Plank side of the building near the flagpole. In those situations, individuals will be expected to follow the health screening protocols in order to enter the building. Please understand this is for the health and safety of everyone involved.

Parking Permit Info

Parking permits are available to Seniors and Juniors only. This year, we will be selling permits at a reduced price of $20 due to the uncertainty of the school schedule due to Covid-19. All cars parked in the IAM lot need a current parking permit displayed in the vehicle or it may be subject to ticketing and towing.

Please follow the Parking Permit Directions Sheet on our website. Once you have submitted the form, please proceed to PaySchools to make your parking permit payment. Students must submit the form and the payment before a permit will be issued. Permit forms and payments are due by 1/29/21. Distribution of permits will be scheduled for later that week. Students should watch the announcements for more information.