By Allie Davis


We all hear things because of our ears. We can't see allot of the things in our ears that help us hear but this picture will show you some of the things that are in our ear.

The Outer Ear

The outer ear has a few different parts. These parts are the ear canal and the top of the ear drum. We can see parts of out outer ear.

The Middle Ear

The middle ear is made up of 3 tiny bones. These bones are called the hammer, anvil and stirrup.

The Inner Ear

The Inner ear is made up of the cochlea. The cochlea turns is a spiral shaped region filled with fluid and is lined with tiny hairs.

What Does The Ear Do For Us?

The ear makes sounds turn into vibrations so that our brain can understand what we are hearing. If we didn't have our ears then we wouldn't be able to hear anything.

Fun Facts

∞ Sound travels at the speed of 1,130 feet per second, or 770 miles per hour.]

∞ Dogs can hear much higher frequencies than humans.

∞ Snakes hear through the jaw bone

∞ The hammer, anvil and stirrup) are the smallest bones in the human body.

∞ Ears not only help you hear, but also help in balance.

∞ The inner ear is no larger than a pencil eraser

∞ Ears push excess wax out as needed