Influences of Food Choices

by:Hannah Ison

Physical needs: foods needed for survival, hunger, health status, energy level

Survival: Canned tuna, Canned meats, PB, Canned vegetables and fruit.

Hunger: Popcorn, Olive oil, Sourdough Bread, PB, Avocado

Health Status: builds and repairs tissues, physical health-your body

Energy level: energy for muscle movement

Social Settings: mealtime, lunches, movies, other events

Mealtime: Breakfast, Lunch,and Dinner

Lunches: Sandwiches,chips,fruit,dessert, dairy, and water

Movies: Popcorn, soda, candy, slurpee

Other Events: Sleepovers,snacks,birthdays, parties, dances

Psychological needs: Good/bad moods, emotions & feelings, body image

Good/Bad Moods: good-well being,friendliness. Bad-

an angry or irritable state of mind.

Emotions&Feelings: are both the emotional state.

Body Image: It does not matter what the body image look like as long as they are kind.

Society & Culture: ethnic traditions, religious beliefs, family traditions, holidays

Ethnic Traditions:common and distinctive culture, religion, language, or the like. referring to the origin, classification, characteristics, etc., of such groups.

Religious Beliefs: Certain food customs determine what &how people eat.

Family Traditions: Christmas, Easter,thanksgiving, birthdays

Holidays:Holiday celebrations abound with food traditions

Personal Food Preference: taste, smell, color, associations with food, favorite foods

Taste: Either not good or okay.

Smell: Not spicy or funky

Color:Not a weird color I don't see every day

Associations with Food: If I don't know what it is I make a face and i don't eat it.

Favorite Foods: Wings,pizza,grapes,noodles, orange chicken,honey seared chicken, popcorn,etc.

Food Availability: choices, seasons, distribution


Seasons: Football season/fall

Distribution:Buffet Line