Pediatric Nurse

By: Ashley Derwort

What is it and where would you work?++

This is a nurse primarily concerned with the growth, development, and needs of children as well as the health of the people in that age group.

Most pediatric nurses work in a hospital or clinic.

How do you become one?

1.Go to college and get your nursing degree.

2.Become recognized as an advanced practiced nurse (APN) by your state board of nursing.

3.Gain experience providing nursing care specifically for children.

4.Become a certified pediatric nurse.

5.Determine what setting you want to work in.

6.Look for and apply for a job in the pediatric nursing field after you've earned your degree.

How much do you get paid?

$60,000-$64,000 a year

Job Outlook

There will always be a high demand for pediatric nurses in the future, and the demand for them will never go down as always as children are being born.

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