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June 8, 2021

Congratulations to our Class or 2021! So proud of our Alamo Mustangs!

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Important Dates

June 14 Summer School Begins

June 17 Annual Update in Infinite Campus Opens (details below)

July 9 Summer School Ends

July 26 School Office Opens

August 5 Walk-Through Registration

August 5 New Family Presentation 7:15-8:15 PM

August 9 Gr 1-5 Teacher Assignment Posted on Campus Portal, Noon

August 9 Kindergarten Back to School Night, 5:30-6:30 PM, MPR

August 10 First Day of School

August 17 Gr 1-5 Back to School Night:

5:00-6:00 PM Gr 1-2 Classrooms

6:00-6:30 PM Gr 4-5 Instrumental Music MPR

6:30-7:00 PM Gr 3-5 Classrooms

October 9-10 Run For Ed

Alamo School Calendar

2021-22 SRVUSD Instructional Calendar

2021-22 Bell Schedules

Dear Families,

What a year! This unprecedented year upended our lives but proved our resilience. The words synchronous, asynchronous, social distancing, masking, hybrid, and distance learning became commonplace. We became experts with Zoom and Google Meet and navigated the school day with Google Classroom or Seesaw. Our digital footprint increased exponentially. We never imagined that remote learning would extend from spring 2020 into this school year, but students, teachers, staff, and families persevered. Distance learning challenged our spirits, but we persisted. Through all of our collaborative efforts, support and love, we made it. Thank you, Alamo families!

Please join me in recognizing our beloved members of Alamo Nation that will be retiring or moving on to explore new adventures in their lives: Lindsay Christensen, Gio Crotti, Janice Hildreth, and Marcie Wehrley. Their tenure at Alamo is greatly valued; they made a difference in our community. We wish them well and will miss them!

Special acknowledgment goes to the following groups for their continued support: PTA Board/Officers, Ed Fund Board, and School Site Council Members. Welcome to new team members, and we wish everyone strong unity in heart and mind to accomplish goals.

My deep gratitude to the staff for their tremendous hard work, dedication, and commitment to students. Their unwavering support got me through this challenging year.

We are excited about 2021-2022! Many of our traditional events and activities shall return. Construction is in progress to replace our existing technology and science portables with new modular classrooms. Completion is expected by November 2021. We're adding a third fifth-grade class to reduce class sizes. The best part is, ALL students will be together in person, full-time, five days a week!

Have a wonderful summer! See you in August!


Principal Salazar

Bell Schedules

We are thankful for the input from the community on our bell schedule choices. You are important to us. We understand both the importance of giving students more time in the morning and supporting families' needs. Our goal is to meet the requests of as many families as possible. We know the 8:00 bell schedule accomplishes that.

The YMCA will offer before and after school options for all students, including students in slip sessions. Please contact Kristen Martinez at or Alyssa Rivera at

There is a 15-minute supervised recess before the first bell at 8:00; students could arrive at 7:45 AM. For safety purposes, please don't leave your child unattended before 7:45 as there is no supervision.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is a minimum day for grades 1-5, dismissal at 12:50. Kindergarten has a special schedule with dismissal at 10:30 (the singular special schedule for the year).

ASSESSMENT DAYS, AUGUST 11 - 20: Kindergarten hours are 8:00-11:30, and grades 1-5 are 8:00-1:50 PM.

REGULAR DAYS: Kindergarten 8:00-12:30, Grades 1-5 8:00-2:30. Both kindergarten and first grade have slip sessions. The slip session allows for small group instruction, with approximately half the class for the first hour (kinder) or 40 minutes (1st grade) of the day, and then the second half of the class the last hour or 40 minutes of the day for instruction. Teachers will assign students to either early or late bird arrival and dismissal times after ASSESSMENT DAYS. Slip sessions begin on August 23.

ADJUSTED WEDNESDAYS: ALL students start school at the same time, 8:00. Kindergarten dismissal at 11:30 and grades 1-5 at 12:50.

MINIMUM DAYS: ALL students start school at the same time, 8:00. Kindergarten dismissal at 10:30 and grades 1-5 at 12:50.

NOTE: Since we do not offer extended hours for kindergarten, we do not offer lunch for kindergarten, as noted on the district's bell schedule.



Alamo Education Fund

Dear Alamo Families,

It has been a privilege to serve as your Ed Fund President. We faced and overcame many unexpected challenges due to COVID-19. Thank you for your continued support as we navigated unprecedented times. Together, we supported our students with invaluable enrichment classes and we could not have done it without YOU! Thank you again and I wish you and your family a wonderful summer vacation. Let’s go, Alamo Nation!

With Gratitude,

Erin Adams

Don’t forget to shop Amazon Smile this summer and earn free money for our school. We raised $263.05 between January and March---every little bit helps! In case you are not registered for Amazon Smile, here is how to get signed up...

  • Go to on your computer or Programs & Features > AmazonSmile on your mobile app. Choose the charity: Alamo Elementary SRVED FUND

  • For purchases to count toward the donation going forward, you must go through on your computer, or have the feature turned on on your mobile device.

Mark your calendar....Alamo’s Live Auction Gala: Saturday, February 26th, 2022!

Stay Connected:

Stay up to date with Ed Fund News by visiting us on Instagram @alamoedfund

For all Ed Fund news and events:

Questions: Email

San Ramon Valley Education Fund Shining Star: Erin Adams

Congratulations to Erin Adams, who make our school shine above the rest. She makes our district shine. Erin is worthy of praise for her significant contributions to our school community during the current academic year... and beyond!


Wahooo!!!!!!! We made it through this crazy year! I am so grateful to all the teachers, staff and parents in our wonderful community who stuck with this awesome school. I am beyond grateful to our Principal, Monina Salazar, for her leadership during this tumultuous time. I am so thankful for the amazing PTA Board that dedicated hours to ensuring the spirit of Alamo stayed strong. I am sad to say goodbye to Jenn Hoffman, Maria Bobina and Kim Hauskens. Combined these women have given well over a decade of service to Alamo PTA. You will be missed but definitely never forgotten!!!! And lastly, I must give a huge shout out and kudos to our outgoing teacher rep, Giovanni Crotti. Thank you for your 2 years of dedication to Alamo School PTA. I will miss you.

With these departures come openings and I am excited to welcome the new PTA board to the 2021-22 School year:

PTA President: Nicole Rocca

Co-President: Michelle Petersen

Legislative: Hilarie Bako

Secretary: Leah Accolah

Treasurer: Nicole Delatorre

Auditor: Jean Skaling

Communications Chair: Anji Kobayashi

Educational Enrichment: Jennifer Lucchese

Ways and Means: Tara Gilad

Community Involvement: Michelle Parkinson

Parliamentarian: Tori DeCoitte

I am so looking forward to next year and all the fun events we can plan again. Expect the PTA to bring the fun to Alamo School for the 2021-22 school year. If you are interested, there are still many ways to volunteer. Look for us in August for more information.

Have a wonderful summer, stay safe and I hope to see all of you at the parade on Thursday as we give you your yearbooks. Decorate your cars and show your Alamo Mustang Spirit! We did it!!!!

Michelle Petersen

Mustang Broadcast

This week's broadcast. Great job, Ella and Alicia!
Mustang Broadcast June 1, 2021

Thank you to our broadcasters! See you next year. (Name/Grade)

Adrian Parkinson 2

Adrienne Cymerys 1

Alex Dickson 5

Alex Feldman 3

Alice Adams 4

Alicia Nicholson 3

Andrew Brosnan 4

Aria Brahmarouthu 4

Ashley Flemer 4

Avery Mann 5

Carter Breece 2

Christian Wong 2

Edward Manea 3

Ela Manea 2

Ella Gilad 5

Ella Hoffman 5

Emma Chan 3

Ethan Gilad 3

Evan Feldman 5

Grace Miles 5

Hazel Raaum 5

Isabella Hanson 2

Isha Brahmarouthu 2

Jessica Hanson 2

Juliette Parkinson 5

Kaitlyn Wong 4

Lia Hansen 4

Lyla Skaling 5

Lyla Hanson 5

Niki Feiz 5

Owen Cymerys 4

Owen Kevers 4

Savanna Nguyen 3

Sienna Siegel 3

Sophia Taylor 2

Trevor Hansen

Whitney Brosnan 1

Yeganeh Vossoughi 4

Character Matters! by Mrs. Raaum - Enjoy!

Spirit Day - Aloha! Ms. Pavon's Class

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Summer reading

Color Your World This Summer

Beginning on June 1, sign up with Beanstack to keep track of your reading and learning or download a reading passport. The whole family can have a fun and colorful summer together. Everyone who completes Contra Costa's Summer Reading program will win prizes, including a free book, and be entered into a drawing for a chance to win amazing prizes. For more information click HERE.
Summer Reading 2021- Danville Library
Get a Library Card- Danville Library
Danville Library Tour

annual update faq

Q: Where can I find the link for Annual Update?

To locate the Online Enrollment Annual Update link, log in to your parent portal account and click on the 3 line icon located in the upper left corner. Click on the “More” button. The Online Enrollment Annual Update link will be at the bottom of the screen.

Q: What is the difference between the Annual Update and fall Registration?

The Annual Update is a district-wide process held each year to verify household and emergency contact information as well as complete annual release acknowledgement and permission requirements. Registration is school site specific, regarding activities such as volunteer opportunities, PTA membership, band, graduation, etc.

Q: What should I do if I see a blank screen when I login to the website?

The Internet Explorer browser may not work properly. Please try a different browser like Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Q: Why does the school of residence still appear on the screen even though my student’s attending another school?

Your physical address is associated with a resident school. If your child is attending another school in our district please follow up with that school to complete the fall registration process.

Q: Can I complete the Annual Update if my student’s primary household is not with me?

You will not be able to complete the Annual Update for this student. Only the parent living in the student’s primary household will have access to complete the Annual Update.

Q: How do I correct or remove Emergency Contacts?

Add new Emergency contacts in the Emergency Contact section of Annual Update. Emergency contacts are removed in the Student section of Annual Update. There will be a remove button next to each contact listed.

Q: When do I need to register my student?

Please complete your student’s registration before the first day of school. Some school sites also have walk-through registration. The school registration dates will be posted on school websites by May 31, 2021.

Q: Do I have to complete the Annual Update before I can register my student?

No, you can register your student before completing the Annual Update. We ask that you complete both items, you may choose the order in which you complete them.

Q: Do I have to complete the Annual Update before my student can start school on August 10th?

No, it is not a requirement to complete the Annual Update in order to start school.

Q: If I don’t see my student in the Portal should I enroll them again?

No. If your child is enrolled for the 21-22 school year, they will not appear as a student until the Annual Update portal opens in June. There is no need to enroll your student again if you have already done so.

Q: How can I retrieve my user-name and password?

Parents need to set up an account security email in Account Settings in Campus Portal. Once that email has been set up, parents will be able to retrieve their user name and/or password by using the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot your username” links on the Campus portal login screen.

Q: What if I haven’t set up my account security email in Account Settings in the portal or don’t remember my email account?

If you are unable to automatically retrieve your password and/or username using the links for Forgot password or Forgot your username, send an email to for assistance.

Q: I need some help, who should I contact?

For assistance with Annual Update:

● Portal Help email:

For assistance with new student enrollment:

● Enrollment Office phone: (925) 552-5076

Q: What if I don’t know my GUID code?

For new families: You will receive a code by email after completing the enrollment process.

For existing families: Please contact your school. This can be provided by the front office person at the site.

Q: What if I don’t have a computer at home?

Student Services at the SRVUSD District Office has a computer and printer available for this purpose. Please contact our office at 925-552-5076 to set up an appointment. Public libraries often have computers for public use as well.

Q: Why are my other student(s) not showing on the student page?

Your child may not have a current enrollment. Contact the Enrollment office for more information (925) 552-5076.

New Learning Management System for the 2021-22 School Year!

The SRVUSD is transitioning to Schoology, a comprehensive Learning Management System, for the 2021-22 school year. Schoology is a tool for all grade levels that will be used to post class and course materials and curriculum, reports of student progress and grades, and will be the main communication tool between classrooms, students, and families.

Schoology comes to us as a recommendation from a District exploration committee that was made up of volunteers from all stakeholder groups. It was approved by the Board of Education and implementation has already started with our staff.

The adoption of Schoology means that as of June 30, 2021, School Loop will no longer be available and Google Classroom will no longer be in use for student-facing material. The addition of Schoology will not affect our use of Infinite Campus's Parent Portal.

We will provide more information and training closer to the start of the new school year.

Upcoming Religious Observances

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SRVUSD Child Nutrition Services

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SRVUSD Board Of Education

Board meetings are typically held twice each month on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the SRVUSD Education Center located at 699 Old Orchard Drive in Danville. All meetings are open to the public. Board Meetings are live-streamed on the District's YouTube channel: SRVUSD Board

Board Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Audio & Video)

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