Pre K Update

March 20, 2015

What we did this week...

We had an awesome week in Pre K. We met the Letter Buddy Young Y! We learned the sound of the letter, how to write it, and how to recognize it in print. We practice matching upper and lower case letters in an egg center. We wrote awesome Y's in our journals. This week we learned about the sight words this is a, yes and no. We used those words to build simple sentences and used our inventive spelling skills to finish the sentence! We read the story YES DAY! IT was a super funny story about a little boy who got everything he wanted on YES DAY! We talked about rhyming word families and read many books that were centered around rhyming! We practiced making our own rhyming pairs as well. We practiced handwriting and recognizing beginning and ending sounds. We are doing a great job with all of our sight words! In Math, We learned about Linus the Minus and how he likes to "Take Away". We practiced subtracting felt circles and solving number stories on white boards over the course of the week. We learned the symbol of subtraction and talked about how we could check our answers. In Science, we learned more about plants and the needs of plants. We planted flowers and peppers! We noticed that our radishes and pea plants have already sprouted! We are so excited to see all of our seeds grow! In Social Studies, we learned about maps and how we could use the map key to help us find things. We looked at many different maps as well and learned a little bit about the compass rose! We had so much fun at the St. Patrick's Day Dance. Big thank you to all the Pac members for making our day so special!

Next week...

Next week, we will be learning about a new letter buddy! We will be continuing to focus on the concept of subtraction in math! We will also continue to study and care for our plants. In Science we will focus on learning more about the five senses. We will also conducts some experiments around that theme.


Principal breakfast is on Friday, 3-27. Please RSVP to Mr. Rodia

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