Garrett Primary

PreK--Sign Up for Animal Families

March 25, 2015

Please come by and sign up for the next Unit-Animal Families. Remember we need to bring 3 or more center ideas because it is a 5 week unit. We will be sharing on Wednesday April 8th. New and final center set up begins on April 27th!

So good to see parents coming in for conferences. It is essential to maintain documentation of all these meetings because it is a part of our PREK guidelines-parent conferences are equal to report cards!

Mrs. Patsy has also asked to let her know how you are liking your ebooks subscription. We highly encourage you to use it. It's a wonderful resource that we are lucky to have access to.

As we plan for the end of the year we also need to start thinking about the beginning of next year--We would need some input on campus shirts. It is the district's intention to rotate years between the district provided shirts and the campus purchased shirts. Please share ideas about what our Garrett Primary campus shirt could possibly be for the following year. We would like to have all that decided and paid before we leave for summer.