Welcome to my world


Hey guys! my name is Yuvraj Sidhu. I am fun-loving guy and a student of grade 10 at Louise Arbour Secondary School. Firstly starting from the basics, I was born in Punjab, India. I will cut my seventeenth birthday cake on 22nd September this year. I am very passionate of playing variety of sports and I consider sports as my life. My favorite pass-time hobbies, besides playing sports are listening songs and reading autobiographies. I read only autobiographies because the life-events of people, influences me and motivates me to learn from them and execute the knowledge into my personal life. My favorite autobiography is "Test of My Life", that is written by favorite sport star, cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Having spent 16 years of my life at my homeland, Punjab, I prefer listening to only Punjabi Songs. I even love writing lyrics for new songs. I have a bag full of memories of the time I spent with my friends, which are actually priceless. My only interest is in studying Mathematics as I like working over numbers. In my life, my aim is to become a lawyer. This is because I have a desire to continue the family legacy in this field, as my father is also a lawyer. I like to stand for the rights of people and remain in the limelight in whatever thing I do. I believe in putting my 100% in every task I perform and succeed in them.

My life line

My favourite things

In my life there are few things that have become a part of me. Well three of my favorite things are Cricket, Studying Mathematics and Writing and composing Songs
Thrilling Finish to an Cricket match Ever of India | Highlights 2014

My writings being shared online on the Uber issue

Yuvraj's RANT - Brampton on Uber

My Leadership Style - Persuader

I consider myself as a "Persuader" kind of leader. I feel that I am persuader because I like to take the lead in any kind of work I do and be ultimately responsible for it. However, I also try to involve others in the work and consider their views before finalizing any project. One of my execution as a Persuader style leader, occurred recently during my grade 10 civics assignment called, Civic Mirror in the school. In the assignment I was elected as a leader of the governing-party. During my governing-term, I tried to be as much fair as possible. I heard for the demands of citizens. I ensured that no one feels being outed of the assignment and took final decisions only on the basis of their views and concerns


Yuvraj Singh, one of the finest players cricket has ever produced. He is known as the prince of cricket and is the one who has a very important role in my life. Although I am self motivated person, but he is the one who has influenced me a lot. It is not only his cricketing skills, but also the never-to-die spirit. He influenced me when he overcame the life threatening disease, lung cancer and made a comeback into the cricketing world. During, the cricket world cup of 2011, even after knowing that he had something wrong with his health, he decided to carry on his hard-work and allowed Indian team to win the world cup, while suffering from cancer. This is something that motivates me, whenever i am in any difficult situation and helps me to finish my jobs.

Beside Yuvraj Singh, some internal influences are the times when I achieve anything small or big and get appreciated for my work. Also when I am considered for opinion in any discussion and I am in the limelight, influences me to continue the hard-work and improve my results. Such things gives me immense satisfaction and motivates me to work more harder.

My Role Model

Every individual seeks someone as a source of influence in their life. Similarly, I consider my father as my Role Model. My father's name is Kulwinderjit Sidhu. He is professionally practicing Law in India. He is a taxation lawyer and this is why I also wish to become a lawyer. I try to follow him and learn from him as much as it is possible for me to do. He is my role model because of his never-to-die attitude and the hard work that he has done in his life. I have witnessed my father overcoming problems easily, without losing his coolness. He always sets examples for me in all his workings, whether domestically or professionally. It was my father, whose efforts made it possible for him to bring a family of seven to Canada. He always remains positive and never gets frustrated of anything. He has always taught me the difference between right and wrong. He gave me the lessons of always speaking, what is true and never to hurt anyone. He always tries to keep all those around him happy and cheerful. He is also my role model and the person whom I love and respect the most because he spent his most of the life to build a better and secured future of his four children. In order to make a good future for myself and my siblings, he spent five years alone in Canada, away from the family and India to provide us all with Canadian citizenship. He is the only one who can do so much effort and succeed in it. He is very selfless and cares a lot of his family and friends. Thus, this is why I consider my father as my role model.

My Career Pathway

As an teenager, I have a lot of small and big dreams to achieve. However, as a career pathway, I am determined to become a successful Lawyer. I have chosen this path because i like this profession a lot and feel like that i fit in it. I am such an individual, who tries help people as much as I can. I like to stand for the rights of people and would love to take the initiative of providing justice to people. Well, another major reason is that this profession is running in my blood because of my father, who himself is a lawyer and I am determined to continue the family legacy. My father is a lawyer in India and it is my desire to extend the family profession internationally in Canada. If I accomplish in law, I am pretty sure that my dad will be really proud of me rather than anyone else and this will give me immense satisfaction. This is my dream and will do anything to achieve it
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Family Symbols

My Family consists of seven members and is basically from Ludhiana, Punjab, India. My family can be symbolized by our ancestral house in Ludhiana. This house was built in 1951 and is the place where my father was born, my father got married and my siblings were born. We have been residing here from generations and it is something that can accurately depict my family background.

Since my family has always been very much linked to spiritual beliefs, our religion, Sikhism describes our family values. This is because every one of us regularly read our holy book and try to stay as close to God as possible. Some of my family's major interests include delicious food of Punjab. We all are very much healthy eaters and truly believe in having home-cooked Indian food. Our favorite food includes Roti and Lentils (Dal).

Having been residing in Ludhiana for over 60 years, now a change has come to our family lifestyle. This change is the Indo-Canadian connection. Our family's relation with these two countries completely showcases our living style because both are very close to our hearts. India is the place with our roots, where we all were born. However, Canada has gradually adopted us as half of my family lives in India and the other half in Canada. Canada will give us a future while India showcases our family history.

One of the interests, that describes my family is writing. My entire family does regular writing. My father likes to write poems and ghazals while my sister enjoys stories and I like to write my own songs in the free time. It is also important as my family is known for its political skills. However, one of the common attribute of our family, that we all like to execute all together is traveling. We all love to spend time on roads together. We love visiting new places and taking along their memories.

Hence, my family, SIDHU family is significantly described by the following six attributes:

-Our Ancestral Home

-Punjabi Food


-India-Canada relation



Personality Test

Multiple Intelligence

According to the results of the survey my strongest MI is being an Intrapersonal kind of individual.

Such an inventory is a very helpful way to recognize an individual’s skills and know the intelligence at which one is best. This Multiple Intelligence quiz has resulted in making me aware about my strongest and weakest intelligences. According to the results of the inventory, the bar graph clearly shows that my strongest intelligence is being an intrapersonal. This is a person who is completely aware about his strengths and weaknesses. This individual knows what he can do and how to execute it. According, to the bar graph, my second strongest intelligence is my musical strength, followed by interpersonal and kinesthetic strength, which are at a same level with a score of 60 each. Up next are my naturalistic, visual and verbal strength, tied up at a score of 50. At the end are my logical and existential strengths with the score of 40 and 30 respectively. Hence, it clearly depicts my Intrapersonal strength as the strongest and existential strength as the weakest one.

The results of the survey had a lot of variations in terms of my strongest to the weakest intelligences. It was a bit convincing and satisfactory as I completely agreed with my strongest intelligence as being an intrapersonal individual. I am not at all surprised about the strongest intelligence as I also feel that I strongly know what my strengths and weaknesses are, and what the things I am capable to do are. Thus, I agree with this result. However, I am not convinced with the other results and am a bit surprised to know about them. The results depict my musical intelligence as the second- strongest one, which I don’t feel at all. I consider myself as a more logical person than the results suggest. I feel myself more comfortable on calculative skills and do what is true, not what one feels. Hence, on the whole, the order of the results are quite surprising, that i didn’t expected at all.

In conclusion, the multiple intelligence quiz has made me aware about my strongest and weakest skills. According to the results, I am strongest at learning things by using my intrapersonal intelligence. Using the intrapersonal intelligences, will help me to know myself in a better way and allow me to get ready for learning anything new. The intrapersonal intelligence will help me to realize the places over which i lack at the time of learning things in my life. As a result, my MI’s will enable me to put in more effort in the areas or the ways I lack in order of learning anything. Hence, it will increase my learning abilities a lot and make me a good learner.

True colors Test

According to the results of the True colors quiz my top most characteristic is "curious green"

True colours assignment has been a lot of helpful in allowing me to categorize my personality. According to the assessment, I belong to the curious green category, which I totally agree with. A person with a curious green kind of personality, tends to be aware and self- motivated. The individual has good mental power and is very smart. Also, one enjoys to learn about new things and share the personal knowledge with others.

I agree to the result of the assessment because I feel that I am completely similar to all these character traits. I like to get aware about new things and learn in brief about things that I like to study. Despite of learning things, I also love to share my knowledge with others because I believe in helping all those in need. This is the quality that satisfies me.

Besides sharing knowledge there are other charecteristics that make me a curious-green type of individual. I like to work over things and solve problems that are tougher and use my logic's and study briefly over the problems I am not able to solve. Even if i am not able to succeed, in any difficult situation, I never get depressed and and tend to motivate myself again and again, and put more effort in it, until I succeed. This is something that makes me realize my potential and my intelligence level. Hence, I agree with the true color assessment.

After Performing the True colors for the second time:

Well according to the loner wolf color test, I belong to the Responsible Gold category, while the first assessment resulted me as a curious-green individual. Therefore, the results of my both the assessment are different. Well, according to me, I feel that the results are different because I consider myself as a combination of green and gold. This is because I think I have both types of characteristics in my personality. Well, I am not only an intelligent, logical and a guy who thinks a lot but also am very loyal and responsible. Hence, I do not agree with the results. I expected the results to be 50-50 between curious green and the responsible gold category, since I consider myself a combination of both.