Tustumena Staff Newsletter

For the week of 12-10-12

From Parent Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

Seems like it came so fast, but here we are looking down the barrel of the holidays already. We have had a great December so far, except for the cold. Please continue to send your kids in full winter gear. It is supposed to warm up a little next week but not warm enough to change wardrobes, plus I still get a kick out of the kindergarteners looking like the Michelin Man. If you haven’t seen twenty-some little people waddling down the hall, all trying to get out to play in the snow, then you haven’t experienced one of winter’s cutest scenes.

The warmer weather next week will be just in time for our winter concert. Miss Meadows has the 4th-6th graders ready for a winter celebration. The concert is Thursday, December 13th beginning at 6pm. Santa won’t be at the concert because he is planning a couple other early visits here in Kasilof. First, he plans on being at Rocky’s Café from 11-1 on December 15th. He will have a present for every little girl and boy who show up. The kids can get their pictures taken with him as well. (Mrs. Claus will be busy, so Mrs. Hayman will be helping out with the pictures.) Then Santa will fly back to the North Pole for a few days to get ready to come back here, Tustumena School, on December 21. The students won’t be at school so some elves from our Kasilof PO Eagles, and the Kasilof Boys and Girls club will be decorating the lunch room for a celebration the call, “Santa is Coming to Kasilof.” The will be ready for Santa’s arrival at 5pm, but there will be cookie decorating and reindeer games starting at 4pm to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Santa says he has to leave at 7pm sharp in order to get back to the North Pole. They are working 24/7 this time of year so we are lucky he made time in his schedule.

Kids and teachers alike are working their fingers to the bones as we wind up this second quarter. Thank you for making time to work with your children at night to solidify the new concepts they are learning during the day. When all the homework is done, this is a perfect time to read a holiday book. “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” is still my favorite because the kids can read along.

Our Boys and Girls Club is coming on strong with around 20 members. They club is waving the $75 membership fee for the first 25 members to sign up for 2013 (annual membership) which is good until December 31, 2013. So if you are even thinking about sign up now, or for next fall, now is a good time. There are member applications available in the entry way of the school or you can stop by our office.

Staff Meeting Minutes

Discussion points:

Spelling Bee is scheduled.

Geography Bee is registard and Amanda will be sharing the information after the holidays.

Free Offer still stands- I will correct a writing assignment for each class. Just provide me with a rubric.

Dancers will be here to entertain on Monday, December 17th at 11:00, in the Gym.

Reindeer Games are scheduled for Thursday, December 20th. Santa will be here for younger kids.

John Mills and Lisa Gossett will be our teacher reps for the Soldotna Area configuration meeting.

Agenda for 12/12/12-

  • Check in with Writing Assessments
  • Report Card Check -up
  • Update on the School Yard Habitat
  • Check up on Reindeer Games

Contact Information

Santa Claus is coming to Kasilof- December 21, 5-7 (Reindeer games start at 4pm) The Eagles and the Boys and Girls club could really use some help during part or all of this event. (Great time to give back and see the kids' faces light up.)