iPads in the Classroom

Change is Coming!

The history of technology in education


After the invention of the iPad, we knew this day would come sooner or later. IPads will take over, or at least become a part of our everyday lives. The iPad has entered the classroom and is proving to be extremely useful. It features plenty of educational applications, reduces the cost from normal textbooks, and allows students to use their imagination when creating projects! Below is a short video showing the evolution of a student who has switched over to the iPad.

iPad Transformation


I know that the advancement of the iPad into the classroom can be a scary thing, but when it's used effectively, it can turn out to be your greatest ally. First though, you have to understand how to use it effectively in your classroom. I found an interesting presentation called, "62 Ways to use an iPad with your students." It seems intimidating, but there are countless applications that your teaching methods can benefit from. Art teachers could access drawing applications, elementary teachers can have students practice letter formations, music teachers can have students create music, and that's just a tiny list! This can ALL be done on an iPad!

iPads in Education?

Apps, apps, apps!

The only applications you can download to an iPad are obviously games, right? WRONG! There are plenty of educational applications and you still have Pages, Numbers, and Keynote which give you the ability to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. There are also plenty of interactive applications as well. I took a closer look into the Evernote application. It allows you to save websites, collaborate with friends, snap photos, and design different types of presentations. There are plenty of tools offered by Evernote that students could use with their iPads that could be used to create presentations on different topics. For me, I would have them look at physics as it applies to the real world. I might have them snap photos of objects using Newton's Laws to incorporate into a presentation, but the opportunities are endless.


Education Made Simple for Everyone!

iPads Used by Students With Special Needs