Telehealth Certification Institute

Telemental Health Training

With the ever changing technology we are now entering an era where online therapy is becoming a reality

Telemental Certification Institute conducts Telemental health training courses options for all the aspiring online therapists that are willing to expand their career and add online therapy options for their clients. Online therapy while still in its infancy is becoming a multimillion dollar industry via healthcare professionals. this industry is now reaching out to give therapy to people that are not living near urban areas and cannot travel all the way to a certain part due to either old age or other complications in their life.

There has been speculations regarding the development on this industry and with the advent of internet, online video based calling services have paved way for remote therapy sessions to be conducted. 90% of the cases which involve a therapist’s intervention can benefit a lot from the video technology where the therapist can actually see the expressions and hear the voice of the speaker at the same time.

Some studies suggest that while video based counseling sessions offer flexibility within the system, it can be exploited often unknowingly by individuals who do not yet fully understand the legal and ethical limits. To overcome this Telehealth Certification Institute offers both ethical and legal courses to update its students on the latest changes in the legal industry.

Georgia TeleMental Health Rule