Heights Elementary

December 2, 2019 Volume 6 Issue 5

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Mission: Heights Elementary IB World School is dedicated to developing balanced, lifelong learners through educational excellence, a global perspective, reflection and action.

Vision: To Be A World Class School.

About Us

School Hours: 7:55 am—2:10 pm

Early Dismissal Hours: 7:55 am - 12:10 pm

Doors open at 7:30 am

Breakfast: 7:30-7:45 am

Heights Contact Information:

Address: 15200 Alexandria Ct. Ft. Myers, FL 33908

Telephone: 239.481.1761 Fax:239.481.3154

Website: het.leeschools.net Twitter: @HeightsIB

From Mr. Palow:

The holidays are upon us and this can be a time with so many obligations coming from so many angles. Then, add excited children with all of these fun holiday distractions and a break nearby! Please take a moment to ponder this Love and Logic thought: Sometimes at this time of year we get shortsighted and allow ourselves to get impatient. We forget all of this when we don’t take good care of ourselves. Remember to treat yourself! Take time to nourish your spirit and find that balance and peace. Kids don't remember all of the things we try to teach them, but they will always remember how they felt when they were around us. Take great care of yourself so that you can give them the gift of loving learning, loving responsibility, and loving themselves.

Early Dismissal Days (2 hours early at 12:10) Dec. 18th –20th

Winter Break - School Closed Dec. 23rd-Jan. 7th

Upcoming Events

Dec. 2nd-13th: i-Ready Progress Monitoring Window (K-5)

Dec. 11th: Heights Hurricane Choir Holiday Show for the students (during the school day)

Dec. 11th: Heights Hurricane Choir Holiday Show (Cafeteria 6:00 pm)

Dec. 10th-17th: PTA Good Behavior Tickets and Prizes

Dec. 18th-20th: Early Dismissal Days (School hours 7:55-12:10)

Dec. 20th: End of 2nd quarter

Dec. 23rd-Jan 7th: Winter Break (School Closed)

Heights After School Program Will Be Closed Dec. 18th-Jan. 7th

The Heights Elementary After School Program will be closed Dec. 18th-Jan. 7th. We will only have before school care Dec. 18th-20th. We will resume our normal schedule January 8th. Please notify your student's teacher on how your student will be going home on the early dismissal days since there will be no after school care on those days.

Holiday and Birthday Treat Guidelines:

  • Question: “I would like to send/bring treats in for my child's birthday or holiday celebration. Is this allowed?”

Yes, but…

· The teacher will schedule the treats at the time that works best for their schedule. Please contact the teacher before the actual date:

· The following items are acceptable: Stickers, pencils, animals crackers, cookies, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, pudding, Jello cups, cheese sticks, mini cupcakes, or yogurt .

· All items must be store bought

· Make sure you have enough for the entire class.

Although we appreciate your child’s excitement for their birthday or the holidays, the school setting will continue to focus on academics. Keep the treat simple. Please refrain from sending in Regular size cupcakes, Cake, donuts, pizza, presents, balloons, candles, matches, flowers, or homemade items.

  • Question: "Can I bring lunch from a restaurant (McDonalds, Chick-Fila, Subway, etc) and eat with my student".

-Absolutely, please refrain from bringing soda.

-Dropping off fast food for your student and not eating with them is prohibited. If your student forgot their lunch, we do offer free lunch for all of our students.

AR News

As mentioned before, we will conduct the Accelerated Reader (AR) program differently during the 2019-2020 school year. We will continue to use Renaissance Place and the AR program to monitor students and their comprehension for the books that they are reading. As a school goal, for the 1st semester we are challenging all of our students to earn 26,000 total AR points. During the week of October 28th Mr. Palow challenged the Heights students to earn 1000 AR points for the week. If they reached 1000 points for the week he would reduce the overall goal from 26,000 to 24,000 points. The students stepped up and earned over 1400 AR Points for the week. AWESOME JOB Heights students!

As of November 22nd, the students have earned over 19,000 AR Points. Only 5,000 more points to go by Dec. 18th. If the students reach the 24,000 AR points challenge looks like Mr. Palow will get large buckets of slime poured on him by some lucky students. Let’s get reading so Mr. Palow can get slimmed! Keep up the good work and keep reading those books.

December IB Profile Word

Principled — Act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and with respect for dignity and rights of people everywhere.

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Where's The Bus?

The School District of Lee County has a secure app that can tell you how many minutes away your child’s bus is from his or her stop. It is free and easy to sign up, just go to www.leeschools.net/transportationand click Where’s the Bus? We hope this tool helps make your mornings and afternoons run a bit more smoothly.
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Heights Attendance

The Heights Elementary school day begins at 7:55 am. One of the most valuable life skills a student can learn from their parent/guardian is the responsibility of arriving at school every day on time. This skill can easily be accomplished and will transfer as a valuable asset for the future. One of the most important times of the school day is the morning. This is the time when important school news is announced, teachers define the plans for the day, and instructional goals are reviewed and set. The whole tone of a child’s school day is set in the first part of the day. Please help support your student in learning habits that will help them be successful at school and throughout life.


This is the only way you can excuse an absences. Please read your Code of Conduct or call Mrs. Curry to see what is considered excused or unexcused.

Attendance Matters

Students have the right to a free and appropriate public education, but they assume the responsibility to attend regularly and on time. Students shall be counted in attendance if they are actually present at school at the time the attendance is taken or are away from school on a school day and engaged in an educational activity that constitutes a part of the school-approved instructional program for the student.

Parents/guardians are responsible for the attendance of their children within the compulsory attendance age, 6 to 16. Parents have the responsibility to inform the school of their child’s absences and to explain the cause of each absence. Learn more about Florida State Statues, Part II, School Attendance.

Regular school attendance promotes academic success. Tardies deprive students of important instructional time. Excessive tardies may result in disciplinary action.

Attendance Standard

  • All students are expected to be on time and present each day school is open during the school year.

  • Students may not be absent from school without permission of the principal/designee.

    • The school principal or designee is the only person authorized to excuse a student’s absence.
    • A note from a parent/guardian is a request that a student’s absence be excused.
    • When a student accumulates an excessive number of absences (5 days in a calendar month or 10 days within 90 calendar days) and additional absences occur which are caused by illness, a written statement froma physician verifying that the absence was caused by an illness may be required by the principal to be submitted by the parent/guardian (School Board Policy 4.16).
  • Habitual tardiness is defined as six (6) or more tardies to school or to an individual class per quarter.

  • For enforcement of compulsory school attendance, three unexcused tardies or unexcused early sign-outs may, at the discretion of the school principal, be considered equal to one day of absence.

Poor attendance can influence whether children read proficiently

by the end of third grade or be held back.

Attendance Matters....every school day counts!

White Christmas - Holiday Attendance

Heights 4th & 5th grade Turkey Trot

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4th & 5th Grade Turkey Trot Winners

4th Grade Girls

Neeve Farrell (1st) 4:17

Shea Schwartz (2nd) 4:21

Isabella Best (3rd) 4:24

4th Grade Boys

Champ Travis (1st) 3:46

Lance Fleming (2nd) 3:52

Javen Timeny (3rd) 3:55

5th Grade Girls

Bonnie Mielke (1st) 4:16

Allison Hyatt (2nd) 4:19

Evelynn Jones( 3rd) 4:21

5th Grade Boys

Tony Diaz-Reyes (1st) 3:59

Benjamin Wilkerwicz (2nd) 4:02

Adam Zaharn (3rd) 4:06

Thank you Ethan Fagget for the great Heights Turkey Trot pictures.
Thank you Ethan Fagget for the great Heights Turkey Trot pictures.

Heights Movement Room

PTA News

Not a member of the PTA yet? You can join here for just $7 and NO time commitment:


Save the date: Jan 24th 6:30-8:30 pm Mother/Son dance - tickets and more information to come

Heights Volunteers

Heights Volunteers are the BEST! Parent and community volunteers have provided numerous hours of support and assistance to the students and teachers. For the past 20 years, Heights has received the Golden School Award for its outstanding volunteer and mentoring program. Some of our senior citizen volunteers are winter visitors who have found a special place of service at Heights Elementary during their visit to Fort Myers. Please submit an application if you are interested in serving as a Heights volunteer. Mike Licata is the point of contact for Heights volunteers. With the strict changes to the approval process, ALL volunteers will need to fill out either a NEW VOLUNTEER application or a RETURNING VOLUNTEER application in paper form. Anyone wishing to volunteer who was approved for the 2019-2020 school year, is considered a RETURNING VOLUNTEER. Without approval from last year they must fill out a NEW application. I have a print out of last year's volunteers if anyone needs to know if the person is on the approved list. The applicant can contact Mr. Licata directly to see if they are on last year's list. There is no longer an online volunteer application.

Directory Information and the Student Emergency and Health Information forms

The Directory Information and the Student Emergency and Health Information forms are online and accessible through the FOCUS parent portal. Please complete these forms if you have not already done so. To access and complete these forms, parents must have a FOCUS account. If you already have one, all you need to do is login. Once you have done so, you will be prompted to fill out the forms. It is important to note that you will not be able to access any student information until the forms are completed and submitted.

If you do not have a FOCUS account, instructions for creating one are located here.

In addition, we have a created a video series to help you better understand how to create an account, how to navigate the portal, and how to fill out the forms mentioned above.

Here are the links:

HOW TO SIGN UP FOR A FOCUS ACCOUNT: https://youtu.be/BPYylwYaynU


We hope that moving these forms into the digital realm makes things a little easier for you.

Heights Watch D.O.G.S

Friday, Nov. 15th we had our 1st Watch D.O.G.S Bus Ramp “Take Over” morning. The Dads came out along the bus ramp and cafeteria to greet and welcome students into school. The students and dads really enjoyed it. The plan is to do this once a month. Special thanks to our Watch D.O.G.S and Mr. Ethan Faggett for organizing this. We appreciate you all!

If you are interested in joining our Watch D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students) program, please contact Mr. Licata at MichaelVLi@LeeSchools.Net. The next Watch D.O.G.S "Take Over" is scheduled for Dec. 13th.

Ice Cream Sales

Ice cream cups will be on sale Dec. 6th & 13th during lunch time. Each student will be limited to one ice cream cup during their lunch. The cost is $1 per cup.
Click Here to See The Heights Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Find out what is for breakfast and lunch at Heights

Notification to Parents Regarding Out-of-Field Teachers

Florida State Statute 1012.42 recognizes that teachers at times must be assigned duties in a class outside the field in which the teacher is certified. The following teachers at Heights Elementary are certified, but may be assigned one or more classes outside their areas of certification and are required to take appropriate steps to comply with the statutory regulation. Alexandria Naugle

In addition, the following teachers are engaged in training to add the endorsement, English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), to their certificates: Rachael Komrowski, Jordan Stamper, Austin McElyea, Mandy Ryan, Janet Elrubaie, Holli Wheeler, Wendy Sokhanvari, Christina Cerwinsky, Briana Grelinski, Stacey Head, Marisa Marchionda, and Taylor Wahl.

The School Board Of Lee County The School Board Of Lee County

Gwynetta S. Gittens, District 5 (Chair)

Chris N. Patricca, District 3 (Vice Chair)

Mary Fischer, District 1

Melisa W. Giovannelli, District 2
Debbie Jordan, District 4
Betsy Vaughn, District 6
Cathleen O'Daniel Morgan, District 7

Dr. Gregory K. Adkins, Superintendent