Jimmy Carter

By: Drew McAdams

Carter Election

-Elected November 2nd, 1976

-Carter was the democratic candidate and ran with Walter Mondale

-The election was very close and Carter won 297 electoral votes compared to the republican candidate Gerald Ford's 240 electoral votes

-Carter was the first President from the deep south since Zachary Taylor

Humanitarian Efforts

-Carter was a strong advocate for human rights, and in South Africa, he pushed for black rights

-On september 17th 1978, Egypt and Israel signed the Camp David Accords

-These peace agreements were overseen by Carter and they turned out to be a great success

-In Africa, communist revolutions caused disheartenment and a large spread of fear

-Carter promised to return the Panama Canal to Panama 2000 and to resume full diplomatic relationships with China by 1979

-Roe V. Wade prompted abortion debates

Economic and Energy Issues

-By 1979, inflation in the U.S. was at 13%

-America realized that they couldn't thrive without the help of other countries

-Carter declared that the source of their problems was Americas complete dependence on foreign oil

-He called legislation to improve energy conservation; this wasn't accepted well by the public

-In 1979, Iran's Mohammed Reza Pahlevi was installed by America as Iran's dictator but was overthrown and taken over by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

-Iranian fundamentalists were apposed to western and because of this, they raised the prices of oil and then stopped exporting it, which caused another oil/energy crisis

-President Carter criticized Americans for their obsession with material woes and he decided to fire four cabinet secretaries to tighten his circle of advisors

Iranian Hostage Crisis

-During the Iranian Hostage Crisis, American hostages were held in harsh captivity, and news reports showed Iranians burning American flags

-At first, Carter pushed for economic sanctions I'm return for the American hostages, but this method didn't work

-Next, Carter enacted a rescue mission, which eventually failed and was aborted

-The hostage situation lasted all of Carter's term and the hostages weren't released until January 20th 1981 which was the day of Reagan's inauguration