Sean Brill

Tokyo, Japan

airfare cost and schedule

I will be leaving Denver at 10:30am and making one stop in Chicago, IL, because I am bringing a friend the total airfare cost will be $1300. I will be arriving at Narita airport in Tokyo, Japan at 4:45, I will be flying for about 39 hours.


I will be staying at the Mandarin Oriental tokyo hotel, it is a five star hotel with great reviews, and it also has stunning rooms. This hotel will supply internet, an indoor pool, with hot tub and steam room, also parking, and air conditioning. I will be staying here for about two weeks with my friend and it will cost around $31,000.


One of Tokyo's must see tourist attractions is thee amazing and wonderful "Tokyo tower" it is one of the largest tourist attractions in Tokyo. This Tokyo tower was based off of the Eiffel tower, the Tokyo tower is also known as a tribute of Tokyo success.

As your in Tokyo don't forget to view and checkout a famous sumo wrestling tournament. You will also dine at a delicious restaurant. And be able to discover a cool sumo museum. You can go and watch this amazing tradition with the real people from about $98 per person.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Pick-pocketing is a problem as always, in crowded places it follows for Tokyo as well. The best way to avoid this issue is advised that men keep there cash and money in a wallet and keep the wallet in the front pockets. As for women, they should keep their important belongings in a safe concealed hand bag. It is also noted to leave all special belongings in a safe place. You should always lock the door to your house to avoid a robbery.


My trip was to Tokyo, Japan. There were many flights to choose from and finding a way of transportation was not a problem. I stayed at an impressive 5 star hotel that had many shocking reviews and I just know its going to be really fun from what I've heard, this is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I am hoping that I will be able to go and see the legendary Tokyo Tower because it sounds really cool, and also I hope to have an amazing time doing a whole bunch of other interesting activities while I'm there. I am also going to be doing all of this with my good friend that decided to tag along. Besides from what I have heard about, with the pick pocket people this should be an overall good and enjoyable trip but I think I can avoid that problem.