Young Thomas Edison

By : Micheal Dooling

About the story

Thomas Edison lived in Milan, Ohio and his labrotory was his parents celler . This book is mainly about Thomas Edisons life. During the story Thomas gets Skarllotte Fever and starts to become deaf. Because of his Skarllotte Fever. His mom drops him out of school he only had three mounths in school. Because he was droped out of school his mom was home schooling him. Thomas loved reading and finding out new things

Thomas Edison loved experaments

He liked learning new thing and he injoyed mixing chemicals, hes labrotory is his parents celler,he always did something with what he learned,and he never gave up no matter what happend.

By : Duni Marquez

Thomas Edison invented many usful things

thomas invented a Carben Trancmeterthat was made the human voice louder, he also invented the telephone to speake to people