Survival Guide-Australian Savannah

By Emma Spangle


Australia has a tropical climate with hot and humid summers and warm winters the temperature ranges from 90*F as a high and 57* as a low
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Steps for Survival

1. have as much food and water as you can have oh and have a pack too.

2. make a weapon of some sort the animals can be very dangerous

3. find shelter at night

4. stay as hydrated as you can lack of water can kill you


Bats, Kangaroos, and Crocodiles all live in the Savannah. The Kangaroo can be helpful in leading you to water but stay out of sight. If you shoot a kangaroo from a distance you can cook it then eat it. Kangaroos can be very dangerous a few kick can most likely kill you.
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Jarrah Tree,Kangaroo Paw, and Cycas armstrongii all grow in the savannah. The Jarrah Tree can provide lots of shade, wood, and fruit. it can also cause eye irritation

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