Math About Me Project

hope you enjoy the artlicle

This is my Show me project

Do you know what the next three numbers in the Fibonacci sequence if the first numbers are 1,1, and 2?

ANSWER: The next three numbers are 3,5, and 8

Are any or all of the pictures down below tessellations?

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm doing a winter theme

Have you ever herd of a mobisus strip?

If you have,aren't they cool? If you haven't, take this example: Take a strip of paper and tape one end to the other to make a "belt loop". Now take another strip of paper but this time, give the strip a twist before, you tape the two ends together. This kind f loop is called a mobisus strip.

Does this snowflake have symmetry? If so, what kind; Bilateral or Radial?

Something symmetry is when you can draw a line down it and it is the exactly the same as the other side.

How many zeros are in googol?

If you write a one followed by one hundred zeros you would have one googol!