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Witching You a Happy Halloween!

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party?
– Because he had no-body to go with!

Know why mummies never reveal their true age?
– ‘Cause they like to keep it under wraps.

How can you tell if a vampire has a cold?
– Because of the coffin!

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Halloween Spirit Week

Halloween Spirit Week: October 25th to 29th.

If you would like your child to participate and take part, please see the list of events this week!

Monday, October 25: Joseph Jets Day!
  • Wear our school colours-- blue, white or grey

Tuesday, October 26: Halloween Heads and Feet

  • Wear something Halloween themed on your head, in your hair or on your feet

Wednesday, October 2: Creative Hair Day

  • Wear your hair in a creative style

Thursday, October 28: Trick or Treat Thursday

  • Wear your Halloween PJs or comfy clothes

Friday, October 29: Halloween Costumes/ Dance

  • Wear your Halloween Costume or Black and Orange
  • Halloween Dance by cohort in the gym. Non-medical masks must be worn, practice physical distancing, cough and sneeze etiquette and regular hand hygiene.
  • Please remember to be respectful and inclusive when choosing your costume.
  • Due to allergies and the challenges with sharing food, schools are not permitted to share food including treats. Non-edible treats can be shared
  • Please ensure that costumes do not need to be adjusted by staff to reduce close contact and promote physical distancing.

Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween?

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Read Aloud "Skeletons are NOT Spooky!" by Duds & Kaine (Halloween Story time)

Activities & Books 🎃 🎃

Let's create some shivers!

This multi-age booklist has scary and not-so-scary choices for every age group.

Get the Party Started! 👻👻

Keep it inclusive

To make sure that every child has fun, here are some simple guidelines to ensure that no one wears a costume that hurts someone else's feelings.