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A Note from Ms. Bueche

This week we are trying a new format for the newsletter. I've partnered kids together to report on what is happening in our class. In the weeks to come, we will have rotating reporters share what we are doing. Please note that this is their unedited work.

Here's What's Happening

Book Buzz By: Emma and Ago

During March Madness Reading Week kids recommended their favorite books. Then, we voted for our favorite book out of 16, and the books with the most votes win. When, we got to the "championship" Divergent and Hunger Games were the last two. The winner was... Hunger Games!!! It probably was a close vote. Well, who do you think should've won?

Science By: Jordan and Dominick

In science we have been learning how traits are passed along. Offspring inherite genes from both their parents. Genes control things such as hair and eye color. If you have one dominant and one recessive gene, the dominant gene will show. Mutations are changes or errors in the structure of a gene or chromosome. A mutation can affect an organism positvely, negatively, or just how it looks. So who do YOU look like-Mom, Dad, or grandparents?

Tech by Skyla & Brett

If you like technology that's NEW, this is the paragraph for YOU! Let's start with an app called Tellegami. It's basically an app that you make a character and pretend to send it to pretend people. Well, it was an epic fail because no one's mic actually worked. You're suppose to type something up and the character will say it but.....NOPE. Our tablets just didn't want to cooperate. If you want to hear about a successful app, listen to this. Animoto is a video making app where you can add pictures, music, captions, and backgrounds. We have been constantly using Animoto to present spelling and root words in front of our teacher and classmates. We love learning new things by using this exciting new way called TECHNOLOGY!!!

Recess By: Katya and Riley

Hunger Games

Recently, at recess students played a new game based on the popular book series The Hunger Games. It didn't turn out as well as we thought it would. Violations of the rules were attempted, many people say they were hit by "flying woodchips". We have agreed to never play The Hunger Games again.


A while ago, an incident at kickball took place. One player refused to join the team, so the recess supervisor had to tell him that it was necessary to become part of the team. The teams got into a huge argument and the teams had to be reset. Looks like recess has been very wild for 5th grade.

Ms. Bueche's Math Class

by Ethan and Annabel

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