Drawing Art With Chalk

the canvas of concrete

What is chalk art?

Art is the creative skill of expressing emotions and imagination. Creativity comes in many forms, chalk art has been around for many years, advancing as centuries go along. The use of bright colors, competitive festivals, and abstract art contribute to chalk art.

Bright colors

Artist use color pencils, brushes, pencils, etc. Bet, you've never thought a artist could draw with chalk. Chalk drawings are found to be an abstract way to express artistic imagination. In the article, "Masterpieces in chalk" the writer says, "Red violet, cobalt blue, cadmium yellow cover the surface of an open-air concrete terrace with intense hues of sidewalk chalk," (Lappe). Bright colors are used to focus the by-passers to pay attention on what's beneath their feet, and give them an interest to examine the chalk masterpiece.

Competitive festivals

As artist become more well known for how good they are, competition arises with them. Festivals are a good way for local artists to show off and become the best of the best by the vote of individuals. The article, "Chalk Walk Awakens Inner Artists" states, "As they transform Main Street into a canvas of imagination, visitors are encouraged to ask them questions about their work and unique techniques," (Hackett). Artists like to show off their creativity and appreciate the amount of questions and compliments they get to be able to explain about the way they work.

Abstract art

Inspiration flows between artists, using each other to bounce back their ideas to create their masterpieces. It takes time to finally draw on the canvas, but when done it isn't something people usually see. The drawings in the festival are outstanding, never seen before ideas that come from the minds of beginning artists.

Art has advanced from decades ago to now, and chalk art has contributed in one of the forms of creativity. Chalk drawings contain bright colors, competitive festivals that reveal the inner artists, and unusually art.