SHS Weekly Update

January 9, 2022

Principal's Update

The first week back went smoothly and the building changes were positive for supporting improvement of the learning environment. The hallways were much clearer, tardies were dramatically reduced, and there was very little skipping class. Cell phone issues were also minimal during learning time. We want to remain diligent in keeping the focus on learning and students doing well in their classes.

This week we will continue with a mask mandate in place through Friday 1/14. Students have done a fairly good job of following the mandate. While we all may not have the same opinion about the efficacy of the mask the reality is that, based on contact tracing rules, they do keep students from being sent home. My hope/goal is that no student has to miss any school at any time due to COVID.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on February 2nd and February 10th. They will still be the normal time 3:15 pm - 6:15 pm.

On Wednesday, February 2nd, conferences will be virtual-only (Google Meet). A Google Form for sign ups will be coming out in the next week.

The other conference day will be in person on February 10th and will also be included in the sign up.

This will allow for parents to choose if they want have an in person or virtual meeting.


Over the weekend both of our swim teams were GCC champions. The girls team won by 21 points and the boys team won by 85. Great job to our swim teams as we celebrate with a Victory Monday.

SHS students please wear your Mustang gear to celebrate the GCC title.

Upcoming events

Monday 1/17 No School Martin Luther King Day

Thursday 1/27 Regular School Board Meeting

Wednesday 2/2 Conferences (Virtual)

Thursday 2/10 Conferences (Live)

Big picture

SHS Code of Conduct Updates

Cell Phones

Cell phone usage during class and when students leave to use the restroom has become a serious distraction to the learning environment in the building. As a parent I appreciate the need to be able to contact your child in case of emergency but the reality is that some students are using cell phones during instructional time, filming in our restrooms, and using social media during classroom time. Effective on January 3rd Strongsville High School will enact the following cell phone policies:

Cell phones are to be put away, silent, and not visible during classroom time. There is no reason to take a cell phone out to text, snap, or play a game when a classroom is in session. Students who do so will be asked to put it away. If they continue to use it during class it will be taken from them and returned at the end of the class/day. Continued use of cell phones during class will result in a detention, Saturday School, or further discipline per the code of conduct.

Hallway Traffic

The hallway traffic during the school day has become excessive with students roaming the building when they should be in class. The number of students walking around during their study halls, lunch, or leaving class and not returning is going to change immediately. Students should be traveling the hallways with a purpose. When students leave a classroom to use the restroom they will be signing out and recording the time they are leaving and the time they return. Skipping classes has become a bigger issue this year with too many students not going to class and going to study hall or lunch when they should not be in those locations.

Any student who skips a class will be receiving a Saturday morning detention (8am-10am) served with an SHS admin. Failure to attend this detention will result in additional consequences.

Students with late arrival who come in early need to be in the cafeteria until the bell rings to end 1st period.

Students at lunch are to be in the lunchroom(s) and not walking the building or in the stairwell.

Students with early release are to leave the building at the end of their day. If they are waiting for a ride they must be in the cafeteria.

Students are not to leave study halls or lunch and roam the building

First Period Tardiness

During the pandemic we seemed to have lost some of the priorities of getting to classes on time. During the morning arrival the number of students that are in the hallways at 7:25, class starts at 7:20am, and still heading to their first period classes has created a huge distraction for teachers who have students walking into classes several minutes after the bell rings. Many of these students arrived around 7am and were in the cafeteria and are still arriving late to their classes or are late because they stopped to get a Starbucks or Dunkin. This needs to change as it is still important to arrive at class on time and allow for teachers to stop losing valuable instructional time at the start of class. Please let your child know that getting to class is important. Teachers can issue detentions for late students.

Leaving the Building

Strongsville High School does not have an open campus. The number of students that leave for lunch and try to enter through a side door is compromising the safety of the building. Students are not to leave and return without checking in/out through the office.

Students are still calling parents to pick them up because they are not feeling well and are then leaving without letting the attendance office know. We need all students and parents to work through the attendance office and/or clinic when they are leaving ill or with an appointment. When a student simply leaves we have to track them down in order to make sure they are safe and accounted for. Student safety is of the utmost priority for us so please notify the attendance office when a student is leaving the building.


Have questions about our District Operating Procedures for this school year? You can view a recorded presentation by Superintendent Ryba HERE and view the presentation slides HERE.


Strongsville City Schools encourages students, teachers, staff, parents, and other members of our community to report any instances of potential violence, bullying, self-harm or any other issue where students may be at risk. Click HERE for additional Stay Safe. Speak Up! Information on the District’s website. Reporting incidents can be made anonymously online or through a toll free number (​1-866-listen2me / 1-866-547-8362).

Vaping Facts

One of the more serious issues that we are still seeing in the high school is students who are vaping. The number one cause of expulsion this year are vaping related offenses. There is a generation of young people who are becoming very addicted to nicotine through the use of vaping and e-cigarettes.

Additionally it's not just about nicotine but the chemicals in vaping are loosely regulated and we have seen students actually passing out from vaping and become sick.

Please take the time to discuss with your child the dangers of this habit as students who have been caught at SHS need help due to being addicted to vaping.

Below is an article from Johns Hopkins with some facts about what happens to your lungs when you vape. Look at some of the chemicals that are used.