Scottsboro v. TKAM

By: Mikayla VanArtsdalen

Similarities between Scottsboro & TKAM

In the Scottsboro boys trial, there are 2 white girls accusing the boys of rape, just like in the book To Kill A Mockingbird, Mayella Ewell accuses Tom Robinson of rape. The Scottsboro boys lawyer, Leibowitz Samuel, is similar to Atticus. They both are doing it because it's wrong not to defend someone just because of there skin color. Every man gets the right to a fair trial. Tom Robinson resembles the 9 boys. Both of there trials had flaws in it. Tom Robinson had a crippled arm so he couldn't have hit Mayella but he still gets found guilty. Just like one of the boys in Scottsboro, one of them was basically blind.

Differences between Scottsboro & TKAM

In TKAM, Tom gets found guilty and goes to jail and gets killed there. The Scottsboro boys got out. Tom did not get to go home. Another difference is that TKAM is a fictional book. The Scottsboro Trial was real.