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The purpose of this communication is to share with all stake holders in the Coppell community the wonderful learning opportunities and products that the learners of this course are participating in. If parents, learners, or community partners have pictures please share them with us as well. (Pictured) Mrs. Boyd AP Human Geography & Pre-AP World Geography Facilitator and Mrs. Bence English I Facilitator. You can follow us on Twitter at #boydbence @DanaeBoyd and @Janelle

1st Six Weeks 2015

First Week Rookie Project

Four years from now our learners will open their time capsules that they created this past August will reflect on their first year and the beginning of their high school career. The First Week Project is a fundamental training for Rookies to learn PBL, Echo, and the New Tech culture and expectations. Learners spent the first two weeks preparing and then presenting for this pivotal PBL.

KQEDEdspace #DoNow Training

This year we will be working in cooperation with KQED Education out of San Francisco to develop agency via communication with others outside of New Tech as well as our own knowledge and thinking skills with geography and language arts. In order for this to occur each learner will participate in the "Do Now" activity that is posted weekly. The learners are participating in a real time activity with learners from across the country and even from other nations. Therefore each learner is aware that late work doesn't exist for these assignments. (Pictured) Sophomores Maddy Shay and Travis Sadler are Do Now Champions and led the workshop introducing the platform to the Rookies this year.

KQEDEdspace Roundup Recognition

KQED Education creates a separate communication called the Roundup in which participating learners are highlighted for previous #DoNows. During the first six weeks NTH@C had many of the Rookies highlighted for their thoughts, opinions, and media creations on topics such as Oceanography, the rising cost of college, refugees worldwide, and the California wildfires. Here are the names of those that have been recognized during the 1st six weeks: Jake McCann, Johnathan Marshall, Hope Gullatt, Yamilica Lopez, Elizabeth Fullwood, Luke Higginbothom, Maguire Mathis, Lexi Geirmann, Nahom Haddis, Daniella Villarreall, Nihant Tilapaka, Fernando Cornejo, Caroline Perry, Katelin Reznicek, Justin Murray, Jarred Meyer, Nick Twining, Taniel Katanjian, Jack Stanberry, and Joie Lew.

All learners participating each week should be very proud of their efforts to share their voice, knowledge, and cause others to think.

Future Publications

Caitlin Rogers was asked recently, by the KQEDEdspace Youth Participation Manager, to create a written piece about the development and use of infographics from her #DoNowGaming post for a future Roundup. This piece will be published on the KQEDEdspace website to help teachers and learners gain an understanding of developing media for the Do Nows. Caitlin is using collaboration skills and is working with Kaitlin Rigdon and Paige Patton to create this blog post. Congratulations to these young ladies for this unique opportunity and we will keep you posted on the development.

Project Element, when passions and talents intersect!

The Rookies began their year long PBL called Project Element during the first six weeks. The driving question is "How does self-awareness assist learners in finding authenticity and connection to learning at NTH@C as we continue our journey to find our element?" The learners applied their summer reading text, The Element, by Sir Ken Robinson, into each benchmark and participated in their first Harkness Discussion. One benchmark was connecting a personal passion or talent to the five themes of geography and showing how geography is part of everything. Break-out sessions were used as the sharing protocol with learners holding each other accountable. The learners will continue to make connections to the principles of the element throughout each project and will finish the year with their personal IGNITE! speech.
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AP Human Geography Tutoring Every Thursday

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 7:45-8:30am

Room 304

Every Thursday morning the APHuG learners have tutoring to prepare for the AP exams and the end of the year test. This tutoring is an expectation of all learners enrolled in this course and should be a priority.
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Prowess Awards


Save the Date: Parent Volunteers Needed for Global Issues Summit

Monday, Nov. 16th, 9am to Friday, Nov. 20th, 3:45pm

113 Samuel Boulevard

Coppell, TX

We will send a signup soon, we need parents to volunteer to serve as outside evaluators for the Global Issues Summit in November. We will send via the PTSO as we get closer to the event.

Poetry Out Loud

Monday, Oct. 26th, 3:45pm to Friday, Oct. 30th, 4:30pm

Room 201

It’s Poetry Out Loud time! Our school-wide contest will run before and after school the week of 10/26-10/30. This is a national poetry recitation contest—kids memorize a chosen poem from a vast online anthology, recite it, and are scored according to a rubric that includes physical presence, voice and articulation, evidence of understanding, accuracy, and degree of difficulty. For more information, check out and see Mr. Kerr in room 205