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Cox Mill HS - Student Support Services (S3) - 4.21.21

What I learned from my social media fast | Amber Quinney | TEDxYouth@Buffalo

Wellness Wednesday Topic: Social Media Fasting

How much of your day do you spend engaging with social media or video sites such as YouTube or TikTok? Some studies find that social media is more addictive than tobacco products, so if you find you can't just "put it down," you're not alone (Nursing Times). Our brains are stimulated by interactions on social media and it can be quite fulfilling. It also sets up a dopamine cycle that can feed dependence or addiction-like behaviors. In other words, we feel like we "have" to check or post or like...we "have" to engage in some way or things just don't feel right. When this happens, we've crossed a line from casual use to potentially addictive use.

One way to better understand how dependent you are on social media is to take a Social Media Fast. We see celebrities make this choice to protect themselves and their families from the side-effects and consequences of social media. When do they typically do that? When social media begins to control their lives OR when it impacts their emotional health and well-being. Is is time for you to take a social media fast?

How do you go on a social media fast?

  1. All In & Independent - Delete social media apps from your phone and other electronic devices. Replace them with healthier substitutes such as journaling apps, photo editing apps, etc. When you are tempted to check social media, journal about it. Use photo apps to notice what is happening around you in those moments instead of what is not happening (scrolling) on your screen.
  2. All In & Circle Up - This will be pretty much the same as the first option, but you build in a small circle of friends who are taking a social media fast as well. Together you can talk about what it is like to abstain from social media connections. Talking with friends sharing a common experience can make it easier and more meaningful for some of us.
  3. Strategic Fasting - This can be done independently or with a social circle of support. The basic concept is scheduling your social media fasting so it is a gradual step down to less social media use. For example, you might choose to limit social media use to one hour per day at a specific time or only on weekends.

Whatever your level of social media use, consider experimenting with how to make it fit into your life vs letting it control your life. Apps on our phone are tools we control, and we can always put them down. We have a choice.

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VIRTUAL GUEST SPEAKER: Resilience, Coping Kills & Substance Abuse Prevention

S3 wanted to share an opportunity taking place on Friday April 23rd at 11:00am via Microsoft Teams. Mike Metcalf and Shaun Peet with DECK Leadership (Diversity, Efficiency, Culture, Kindness) are doing a speaker series on Resilience, Coping Skills and Substance Abuse Prevention. Staff, students, parents are welcome and encouraged to attend!

DECK Leadership Guest Speaker Event Link

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Senior Task: Graduation Survey

Your senior year is winding down, but there are still a few important tasks to complete. One of the key events for your senior year is completion of the Graduation Survey. This survey provides important details, data and direction. The Graduation Survey will be posted on The Senior Strike webpage in May. Please take time during the first week of May to complete the Graduation Survey. To help you prepare for completing the survey, you will want to gather together your college application information/outcomes and scholarship offers. Be sure to include all colleges and scholarships, as this data is essential in helping counselors advise future CMHS students. Finally, you will also tell us where you plant to attend school in the Fall of 2021. It is essential that you share this information with us so that we can send your final transcript to your institution. Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to complete your Graduation Survey between May 1 - 15 (earlier in that window is better and most helpful). Again, you will find the Graduation Survey on the Senior Strike webpage.



Mrs. Barnard, S3 Administrative Assistant

I learned to play golf during the COVID pandemic!
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April 22 Virtual College Fair for College Transfers

April 23 - Virtual Guest Speaker (see info above)

April 23 - Senior Movie Night @ 7 pm

April 27 - CMHS Junior Jumpstart Virtual College Night - 6:30 pm

April 29 - Big Future Days Virtual College Fair - Southeast

May 1 - College Decision Day

May 1 - 15 - Seniors - Graduation Survey (Senior Strike webpage)

May 2 - NACAC Virtual College Fair

May 4 & 6 - RCCC for CMHS - Student Success on the Move

May 13 - Schedules Distributed (mailed home via US Mail)

May 14 - Senior Picnic - 4th Period

May 18 - Complete Google Form on S3 Homepage (if you did NOT get your schedule)

May 24 - Schedule Change Deadline

May 24 - Teacher-made Exams (Math, Science, CTE)

May 25 - Teacher-made Exams (English, Social Studies, World Languages)

May 25 - Senior Awards (online)

May 26 - Teacher-made Exams (Art, PE, EC)

May 27 - State Exams (for 1st block)

May 28 - State Exams (for 2nd block)

June 1 - State Exams (for 3rd block)

June 2 - State Exams (for 4th block)

June 3 - Schedule Change Notifications (via email)

June 7 - 10 - Senior Pic Photo Op

June 11 - Graduation for Class of 2021!

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