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It's July 14, 2020, the 196th day of the year. There are 170 days left.

Please check out the jobs I've listed below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always here to help! NOTE: The States of Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Minnesota always seem to have several officialships posted, so I would recommend going to their respective websites in order to apply for them. I do not list them all here.

Also, voice court reporters: I mark some entries as both voice and steno when I know for sure that employer hires voice. However, if an entry is not marked at all it does not necessarily mean they don't hire voice, I just don't know if they do. Please contact that employer directly if interested.

Finally, remember, CCR now has a Spotify channel! Please take a listen here or go to and search for College of Court Reporting. I'll be updating with a new playlist and podcast list today!

I wish you safety and health.

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Job Drawer - Week of July 13, 2020

1. Freelance Reporters (VOICE & STENO), Naegeli Deposition & Trial, Nationwide, USA

Please click here for more information. Please send your resume to

2. Freelance Reporters (VOICE & STENO), Atkinson-Baker, Nationwide, USA

Please click here for more information. You can contact Marie Akin, Reporter Admin Coordinator at to apply.

3. Transcriptionists (VOICE & STENO), Automatic Sync, remote

Please see email below:

We are desperately in need of more people who can transcribe. We are simply not getting on top of this backlog fast enough! This influx of work does not appear to be slowing down. If you know anyone who has experience and is looking for work, please refer them to or directly to me at We will consider someone who lacks experience if they can pass a transcription test and if they're flexible and detail oriented.


NOTE from a grad who has/is working for them: There’s a bit of a learning curve, but someone with voice or steno knowledge would be a fit. It’s not “big money,” but it’s a living. Back when I started doing this, one of my fellow grads gave it a try and she thought a minimum wage job would be easier. She quit and I kept it up and am grateful for the income. ...[I]f you’re willing to put in the upfront time like you would in any new job, learn, and build up speed, it’s not a bad way to get your feet wet.

4. Official Court Reporter, Nebraska Courts, Lincoln, NE

Please see email below and attached job description.

Please post the attached official court reporter opening in Lincoln, Nebraska. This would be a great location for a new reporter to begin a career as there are other reporters at the courthouse who may assist with any questions/training. Salary listed is starting salary which, after the six-month probationary period, you are eligible for a salary increase. In addition, base salary does not include potential income received from transcript production of hearings or appeals. As always, any inquiries about working as a court reporter in Nebraska may be directed to me.

Thank you for your time,

Sondra W. Petersen, RMR, CRR, CSR

NeCRA Placement Chairperson

5. Official Court Reporters, North Carolina State Courts, various

Please see email below for detailed information:



Resident Positions (3):

Durham County

Wake County

Craven County

Rover Positions (3):

Pender/New Hanover Counties

Cumberland/Sampson Counties

Chatham/Randolph Counties

Salaries are determined within the range of $44,573.00 - $78,070.00 annually, based upon years of experience and certifications.

Transcripts are paid in addition to base salary. Benefits can be found at

Attach cover letter and résumé.

Applicants MUST possess a minimum RPR or CVR certification to be considered.

To apply or for further information, contact:

David E. Jester, CVR-M
Court Reporting Manager
N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts
Post Office Box 2448
Raleigh, NC 27602

O 919-890-1601

6. Official Court Reporter, 9th Judicial Circuit, Linn County, MO

Please see attached description.

7. Official Court Reporter, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Columbus, OH

Please click here for more information.

8. Court Reporter (VOICE OR STENO), Columbia County Circuit Court, Portage, WI

Please click here for more information.

9. Certified Court Reporter, TDB Communications, Inc., Lenexa, KS

Please click here for more information.

10. Quality Assurance Specialist/Proofreader

Spanish Transcriptionist/Chinese Transcriptionist, Global Language Systems, Raleigh, NC

Please click here for more information.