Falcon Focus

April 9, 2021

From Mr. Biscan

Dear Falcon Families,

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable spring break. While for many people it's merely just a change in their routine, having the time to relax and reflect is important.

This edition of the Falcon Focus contains important information about our state testing process that occurs next Tuesday. It's a day dedicated to administering the SAT to our Junior students. Freshmen, Sophomore, and Senior students do not report to school (in-person or virtual) on Tuesday. For more information, please refer to the Testing Reminders section that is located below.

If you're the parent of a senior student, please make sure you check out our new website, Class of 2021 Senior Information. This site is being used to communicate all end-of-the-year senior event information. We hope that you find this site helpful as we conclude the year for our Class of 2021.

Lastly, just a reminder that our last full day of school will be Thursday, June 10. This date change is the result of some calendar adjustments that happened at the start of our school year. Additionally, like the first semester, there will be no 2nd-semester final exams for students.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Biscan, Principal

We are Falcons. We are Proud. We are North

From the Desk of Mr. Venckus, Assistant Principal of Student Services

Face Masks

We continue to remind our students and staff of their responsibility in keeping us safe during this time. One non-negotiable mitigation strategy is the proper wearing of face masks covering mouths and noses at all times. The only exception to this is when eating lunch. This is an Illinois Department of Public Health requirement and District 200 Board Policy. Thank you for reminding your students of this.

TCD (Technology Center of DuPage) Students

Juniors: Tuesday, April 13 is the statewide SAT testing day for Juniors, so they are required to be at Wheaton North on that day and NOT attend TCD that day.

Seniors: TCD is still open for seniors on Tuesday, April 13, and there will be a bus at Wheaton North at 7:20 to transport them there.

Surveillance Testing

Just a reminder that A-cohort students submit their samples on Thursdays, and B-cohort and C-cohort (4-day hybrid) students on Tuesdays. All samples must be collected at home and brought to school and deposited no later than 11:00 a.m. in the bins located inside the main entrance (Door 1), the bus doors (Door 34), or the back of the building/student parking lot doors (Door 16).

The next round of tests were distributed to students before spring break during their lunches. Students who haven’t received them can pick them up from the Deans’ Office Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Please contact Mrs. Andersen (sherri.andersen@cusd200.org, 630-784-7335) if you would like your student to no longer participate.

Hybrid Student Attendance Policy

As more students return to in-person learning, we want to remind them that when they

accumulate a minimum of three (3) instances of not being present in school on their in-person days, regardless of whether they are working virtually or not, they may be moved to fully virtual learning for the rest of the semester. Students who have elected to attend school in person are expected to report to school on their hybrid learning days. The privilege to attend in person is not an option for students who want to reserve a spot for the personally appropriate time to attend in person. Hybrid students who have not been present in school on their in-person days are being reminded by their teachers and deans of this policy and the importance of attending school in person. We understand that there are some valid reasons for working virtually on in-person days (e.g., ill, COVID-related, appointment, etc.); however, there are some reasons for working virtually on in-person days that are not (e.g., don’t feel like coming in today, slept in, overslept, etc.). Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and please let us know if you would like to discuss this further.

Student Parking Fee for 2nd Semester

Our student parking fee of $25 (cash or check payable to WNHS) for 2nd Semester was due on February 1. If you have a parking tag and have not paid it yet, please give it to Mrs. Andersen in the Deans’ Office Monday-Friday from 7:00-12:00 or 1:00-2:45. If you elected to become a virtual student for 2nd Semester and are no longer using your parking tag, please return it to Mrs. Andersen to avoid getting charged the fee. You may not give it or sell it to another student. If you did not have a parking tag for 1st Semester and are interested in one for 2nd Semester, please see Mrs. Andersen for availability of spots and an application.

Testing Reminders

Tuesday, April 13 is designated as a state testing day for IL high schools, and the SAT being administered on April is a graduation requirement for Juniors. Non-testing students will NOT report to school on Tuesday, April 13.

As guided by the IL State Board of Education, there will be no 2021 testing for Freshmen and Sophomores; we will only be administering the SAT this spring. If you’d like to confirm whether or not your student is scheduled for testing, please access this spreadsheet. For student privacy, you will need to search by your student’s ID#.

Here’s a quick summary for the week as you update your family calendar:

  • Monday, April 12 - Hybrid A & Hybrid C Cohorts at school; Hybrid B Cohort online
  • Tuesday, April 13 - Non-testing students do not report to school; only SAT students report
  • Wednesday, April 14 - Asynchronous Learning Day for all students & IL Science Assessment (ISA) for pre-registered students
  • Thursday, April 15 - Hybrid A & Hybrid C Cohorts at school; Hybrid B Cohort online
  • Friday, April 16 - Hybrid B & Hybrid C Cohorts at school; Hybrid A Cohort online

For Tuesday SAT Testing: School doors will open at 7:07 AM; students should arrive in their assigned testing rooms no later than 7:20 AM. Room rosters are posted in the Commons. Buses will run their normal routes in the morning on Tuesday, April 13. Testing dismissal will be at 11:15 AM, and buses will run at that time. Students should bring a calculator, pencils and a photo ID. Snacks and water will be provided for the breaks.

For Wednesday ISA Testing: Students must bring their chromebook in order to test, as this is an entirely online assessment. School doors will open at 7:07 AM. Testing students should report to the 200 Hall no later than 7:20 AM to be assigned to their testing rooms. Students participating in testing on Wednesday, April 14 will be contacted individually about transportation.

No additional students can be added to testing at this time. If you believe your student should be registered for testing but you do not see their ID# on the list, or for any other testing questions, please contact Dr. Julie Pavlini, Assistant Principal: julie.pavlini@cusd200.org, 630.784.7306.

Summer Driver Education

Summer Driver Ed registration is currently taking place this week and ending Thursday, April 15. Please see the Information Sheet here for more specific details. To enroll, please turn in the registration form found here to the Counseling Office with payment by 2:30, April 15.

Our Virtual Resource Center is Available to All Students -- ONLINE and Open Now!

Dear Falcon Families,

Is your student in need of extra help? If so, we have help available from both staff and students through our Virtual Resource Center!

For staff help during all lunch periods, please have your student access the Google Meet links here: Virtual Resource Center

For help from a peer tutor, please have your students access this student-created website (scan the QR code to access the website):

Big picture

From the Health Office

Students entering the 9th grade must show proof of having received a physical examination dated on or after August 23, 2020. A copy of this physical exam is expected in the Health Office by the first day of school.

Students entering 12th grade must show proof of having received a dose of Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MCV4) on or after their 16th birthday. Proof of having received this vaccination is due in the Health Office by the first day of school.

Physical Exam and Immunization records may be dropped off in the Main Office at WNHS or emailed to: Wheatonnorthhealthoffice@cusd200.org

Please call the Health Office with any questions: 630-784-7327.

From the Counseling Department

General Announcements

Please follow the counseling department on Twitter @wncounseling for up-to-date information on a variety of topics from scheduling to scholarship information.

Students can request virtual meetings with their counselor via email or by calling their direct line.

Wheaton North Virtual Calming Room

This area is a designated place designed to calm the senses where students can experience relaxing visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli. We encourage families to check it out. It is our hope that this will be a great resource for the entire Falcon Family. https://sites.google.com/cusd200.org/wheatonnorthhs/home

CUSD200 High School Summer School

For Complete Information follow this link: https://www.cusd200.org/Page/16514

Summer School Dates

Session 1 - June 14 -July 7

Session 2 - July 8 -July 30

Courses Offered

  • Communication Studies - Session 1 or Session 2, Grades 10-12

  • American Government- Session 1 or Session 2, Grades 10-12

  • Consumer Economics - Session 1 or Session 2, Grades 10-12

  • Health Education - Session 1 or Session 2, Grades 10-12

  • Psychology - Session 1 or Session 2, Grades 11-12

  • U.S. History - Session 1 AND Session 2, Grades 10-12

Questions? Please contact Jason Spencer, Innovation & Learning Coordinator at jason.spencer@cusd200.org (through Jun. 10) or Ian Smith, Director of HS Instruction at ian.smith@cusd200.org or (Jun. 10 - Aug 1.)

Some classes have limited seating, so please do not wait to enroll! Registration ends May 14, 2021.

Course Registration Information

All students should be able to see all their course requests in their studentvue account by clicking on the “Course Requests” tab just above their gradebook. When viewing your courses it is important to note that courses ending in an odd number are first semester courses and courses ending in an even number are second semester courses. If students see an indicator that states that a prerequisite course has not been met, they can ignore that indicator.

If your student notices an error or missing request, they should immediately reach out to their counselor. Students should have a total of 14 requests for full time students. Students attending TCD will only see 8 total requests.

Class of 2021

Please make sure your students are checking the monthly local scholarship bulletin every month.

The FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) opened on October 1st. Don’t wait to get started! For a complete guide to the FAFSA, please check out the counseling website under the Financial Aid link.

Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, in addition to all other graduation requirements, a student must meet one of the following requirements to receive a public school diploma (Public Act 101-0180).

  1. File a FAFSA Application; or

  2. File an Application for State Financial Aid; or

  3. File a waiver/opt out with the school district. (This should only be filled out if you do not intend to complete the FAFSA. Once completed, please download and email it to the counseling office secretary at: carolyn.switalski@cusd200.org

Nothing additional is needed to meet the graduation requirement. Once you file your FAFSA, the state reports back to WN that it is complete.

Class of 2022

If you have not watched our Junior Parent Presentation, please click on the link below to download. The presentation contains full audio and is approximately 25 minutes long.

Junior Family Night Pre-Recorded Presentation Link

Parents can access all College Search Materials via the counseling website.

On November 19, counselors met with all students on their caseloads to provide an overview of Junior Conferences and the College Search Process. Parents and students can Access the Presentation here. A step by step college search guide with video tutorials can be found here. Parents can watch these videos to get a better understanding of the process as well.

Juniors Conferences are still wrapping up. Counselors will meet with Juniors in a large group setting in May to provide a summer “To Do” list as well. Students can always request additional post-secondary planning support by reaching out to their counselors as well.

School Yearbook Information


Interested in purchasing a 2020-2021 yearbook?

Order Here

Interested in purchasing a 2019-2020 yearbook?

  • A very limited number of yearbooks are available for purchase starting October 1.

  • Yearbooks are $50.

  • These are first come, first serve and can be purchased through the WNHS Main Office in person.

Spring Cleaning?

Planning on doing home spring cleaning? Please consider donating your unwanted household items.

We have a donation drop off bin at Wheaton North High School right outside door #16 in the parking lot between the school and the tennis courts.

We will accept shoes, clothing, gloves, hats, belts, bags, purses, sheets, blankets, drapes and towels in any condition - old or new, dirty or clean, heavily worn or torn items are all accepted.

Please help us to keep these items out of our landfills and repurpose these items by donating them. Thank you for your continued efforts to reduce waste and decrease your carbon footprint.

Big picture

Falcon WiNGS

Wheaton North Post-Promish

Operation Safe Celebration needs your help! All parents welcome, not just parents of Juniors and Seniors! Most chairpersons have been established, now we need help in each room. Please contact Tara Schreiner (tschreiner55@gmail.com) or Dawn Szumski (Szumski6@gmail.com) for more information.

Sports Seasons are in full swing! Let’s cover the Northside with Blue and Gold!

Yard signs, car magnets, rain gear, warm weather gear and just plain cool Falcon Wear are available for purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Go to http://www.wnfalconwings.org/falcon-wear.html to place your order. Delivery or pick up available!

Looking To Get Involved?

The Falcon WiNGS are looking for a few new officers and committee chairs for the 2021-2022 school year. It takes a lot of us to run the program, but we are down to the following three open positions for next year; Treasurer, Sports Program Chair and Corporate Sponsorship Chair. These positions can be shared so grab a friend and get involved! For more information, contact any of the current officers listed on our website at http://www.wnfalconwings.org/

Upcoming Meeting- Tuesday May 11 at 7pm