Teacher Newsletter

May 9 , 2016

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Upcoming Events

April 25 - DIBELS Due to Miller

April 26 - National Honor Society Induction

April 27 - Administrative Professionals Day

April 28 - Coaching Community meeting on campus

April 28 - Cyber Bullying PD (K-2 Only)

May 2-5 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4- Big Brother/Big Sister field trip to Southern Light


May 6 - Parent Meeting



The library will be closing for inventory on May 13. All library books and materials should be turned in beginning at 8:00.

Resource room materials and TEs and student textbooks (science, social studies and language arts books-if you have them) should be turned in on May 20. Please remember to turn in your Scholastic Traits Writing kits and Sonday System phonics kits with all of the components included. Grades K and 1 should also turn in the Fundations Bridging Phonics kits. If you are using wall cards and/or sound cards and they are displayed, you may leave them in your class.


Each grade level will have job-embedded in May for 1 1/2 days. Our focus will be on CFA and Unit planners for next school year. Please begin gathering testing resources, unit materials, etc. that you can use during job-embedded for all units and priority standards that will be covered 1st Quarter.


May 9 - 5th grade

May 10 - 4th grade

May 11- 3rd grade

May 12- 2nd grade

May 13 - 1st grade

May 16 - Kindergarten

May 17 - 5th grade/4th grade

May 18 - 3rd grade/ 2nd grade

May 19 - 1st grade / Kindergarten

Instructional Rounds Planning May 3

  • Educators from around the state will be visiting classrooms and walking our halls. The focus of Instructional Rounds will be the use of CHECKS FOR UNDERSTANDING.
  • Please make sure that your hallways are covered in appropriate student work that is centered around Units of Study, Math, and writing.
  • Please be sure that you are on task at all times when visitors are in the building.
  • If you are not on the schedule you will still have visitors walking by your room and passing you in the hallways. We expect that the halls will be quiet and orderly.
  • NO screaming.


Please turn in your EOY DIBELS to Mrs. Gray by Tuesday!


If you have never received Roby Payne training I highly encourage you to register for the two day session offered by the district in July. Information is on the white board in the work room by the office.


The following information was sent from the district last week. please REVIEW Summer School information as it has changed from previous years. We need to be sure that we share accurate information with parents!


The 2016 Elementary Summer School Program will ONLY be for those students in grades 3 -5. Students in grades K -2 will not be eligible for the summer school program. Enrichment will not be offered for students in grades K -4 in the summer school provided by the district. However, 5th grade students with a yearly average of 60% - 69% in Reading and/or Math will be eligible for enrichment.

To qualify for summer school, students in grades 3-5 must meet the following criteria:
• 3rd - 5th grade students with a yearly average of 45% - 59% in Reading and/or Math and score no more than one grade level equivalent below their current grade level in Reading and/or Math based on their final STAR screening.


• 5th grade students with a yearly average of 60% -69% in Reading and/or Math and no more than one grade level equivalent below their current grade level in Reading and/or Math based on their final STAR screening.

Please notify and inform parents as soon as possible about the changes in the summer school program.