Bobwhite Quail Conservation

Why you should care & what you can do

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Bobwhite Quails: what are they?

Bobwhite quails are a species of quail known for their small, round bodies and dappled coloring. They typically live in open forests, fields, grasslands or other areas with plentiful plant life. They travel and hunt for food in groups, scurrying between cover and bursting into flight when startled. It is also one of the most intensively studied birds in the world, with many studies focusing on how it is impacted by human activity.
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The Impact: why should you care?

There is a significant reason for the vulnerability of bobwhite quails: their habitat is in great decline. The lush grasslands and forests the birds are native to are in great danger due to modern agricultural practices not providing the ground cover these animals need. Bobwhite quails need Conservation groups have been working hard to protect these lands, but time is running short for habitat restoration. There are already many areas where the bobwhite population has all but disappeared. This effects more than just the bobwhite; a plethora of species call these areas home and are suffering just as well.
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Helping Out: what can you do?

There are plenty of organizations fighting to keep the Bobwhite protected, such as the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI), led by the National Bobwhite Technical Committee (NBTC). They can be contacted through their website, where you can find more information and donate money to help their cause, or subscribe to their newsletter and blog to keep up to date with their efforts.

You can also share information with friends and acquaintances, so more people can be aware of the this issue and the effects it has on our environment.