Water Pipes


Dear Parents,

Our unit on Water Pipes is almost coming to an end so we decided this week to use our creativity to see what we can create with pipes. On Monday I planted the question "what can you create with pipes?" and this allowed them to broaden their knowledge and think outside the box in the search for new ideas to make something new! In the art center they had reusable material, included paper pipes, so they could create their own instruments with the help of the teacher. They turned out amazing!! Ask your child what they can make with a pipe and have them create it at home.


Fine Motor Skills: Moon Sand

Using different types of material such as moon sand to play, help children build up their find motor skills as well as their imagination. Moon sand allows children to feel two different textures such as sand or play dough.

Fine Motor: Sand Table

Passing any type of material from container to container will strengthen the muscles in the hand. Here you can see that they were using different types of container as well as pipes to do this specific activity.

Outdoor Exploration

This week we allowed the students to create their own water pipes and test them out. It was a blast!

Dramatic Play

Dramatization allows children to use their imagination in many different ways. Here we can see how they where playing as fireman trying to turn of the fire in the burning building using hoses and water pipes.


Toys and Games

Sequencing is a very important skill that can be practiced with numbers. Here you can see PK 3 students sequencing numbers from 1-10 using water pipes.


*Next week we will have Parent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please remember that we only have 20 minutes for each conference so be on time!

*On Friday we will have our Fieldtrip so if your child has not brought their permission slip, make sure to send by Thursday April 10th.

*As you can see in the outdoor exploration pictures we are playing with water every week so please send extra clothes and crocs.