The big 'five' to watch out for!

Hunter Ross

Shigella spp.

AKA dysentrise, the source of this bacteria is the infected excrement of a previously infected individual. Shigella is known to be in...salads, raw vegetables, milk, and other dairy products.

Some ways of preventing this foodborne illness is to:

Wash your hands after dealing with any bacteria of any type,

Dispose of soiled diapers,

Don't prepare food for others if you have Diarrhea,

Avoid swallowing water from any pool.

Salmonella Typhi

Salmonella Typhi (Salmonella enterica typhi) - The source of the bacteria is from eatining contaminated foods that have not been properly cooked and such. Also can be spread from person to person if the infected does not properly wash his/her hands.

Food links are such as: Eggs, meat, and milk..

You can prevent Salmonella by a decrease and prevention of fecal matter/contamination in drinking water and foods. This could also be properly controlled with good hygiene habits.

The bacterial form of Salmonella

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Enterohemorrhagic and shiga toxin-producing E.coli

Enterohemorrhagic- Coming from, the major source of this Foodborne Infection is mainly from ground beef. Other food sources that are linked include: Milk, Juice, Lettuce, and Salami.

A vaccine is provided to prevent this type of Foodborne Illness.

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Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A - (hep.a) The source of this bacteria is from spreading fecal-oral contact from you to someone else; this or a contaminated food source.

Some foods linked with Hepatitis is generally things such as raw or under-cooked shellfish, raw produce, contaminated drinking water, and just under-cooked foods in general.

A way to fight against this is to get a vaccine from your local doctor.

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Norovirus - (aka Norwalk virus, calicivirus, viral gastroenteritis)

The source of this bacteria is from Produce, shellfish, ready-to-eat foods touched by infected workers, and any other food infected with vomit or feces from a infected person.

Foods as stated above would generally be anything a infected person with carry over to, such as produce, shellfish, ready-to-eat-foods, etc...

If you are ill with it, you should never cook for yourself, wash all foods before eating them, and lastly wash clothing that could be traced with feces/vomit like infections.

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