Help The Ducks

Effects of Pollution on Ducks

Facts About Ducks

  • Ducks are omnivores
  • Ducks will eat small fish, snail, worms, cut grass, and ect.
  • Ducks are found in swamps, lakes, rivers, ponds, marshes, gulf courses, paddy fields, water reservoirs, wetlands, and woodlands
  • Ducks have webbed feet so that they can swim good in the water

Ducks are Affected by Pollution Everyday

Ducks are usally affected by water pollution. People usally leave the plastic from soda bottles and that usally gets stuck on the duck and can choke them. Ducks can choke on small stuff that people throw in waters. Ducks are also affected by oil spills. When oil sticks to a bird's feathers, it causes them to mat a seperate, imparing waterproof and exposing the animal's sensitive skin to extreme temperature. If the water is too cold then the birds can get hypothermia.

How to Stop Hurting Ducks

First we can stop throwing trash in ponds, lakes, and river. People who work in the oil sites in the ocean or work on boats should check for leaks, check if the eqiupment is working properly and check if all the fuel lines and hoses are lined up and in good condition