7/8 Grade Library

November 17, 2015

Weekly Library Schedule

Monday: Strickland for research

Tuesday: PTO Luncheon

Wednesday: Tullar for research; Edmondson for books

Thursday: Tullar for research

Friday: Library closed for all-day library meeting

New resources available for your instructional needs:

Are you looking for new tech ideas for your classroom? Check out this site. I especially love the Periodic Table of IPad Apps!


If you are having students conduct research of any type, check out the following databases. I would be glad to conduct a lesson on any/all of these services with your classes. All of these sites can accessed from the Symbaloo located on my website.

Many of the teacher pics that were taken by our STT members turned out to be slightly fuzzy once inserted into our video. Instead of retaking all of those pictures, we resorted to copying many of your pictures from your webpage and using that photo. If you prefer that we use an updated picture, let me know and we'll use a higher level camera to take a new photo. Sorry for any inconvenience!