Of Mice And Men

Talha Zubair (Truck)

Great Depression

Started on October 29 1929, the day known as Black Tuesday. The Jazz age ended the Great Depression began. There were a lot causes of Great Depression but I think the biggest one was Stock Market crash. People bought stocks on margin and borrowed money to buy stocks because they thought that the prices were going to go up forever. But if the stock goes down, the people who bought in margin would be in a huge trouble. And that's exactly what happened on October 29 1929.

In an eye of of a blink, 1/4 of the nation of unemployed and 100,000 people were getting fired every week. The bread lines were getting bigger and bigger everyday. Business and factories were shutting down which was causing even more people to be unemployed. People had lost hopes but had not given up on life. They found other way to keep their minds of off depression. Music , movies, sports, and other entertainments kept peoples minds of depression.

John Steinbeck.

  • John Steinbeck was an American writer, born on February 27 1902.
  • He wrote 27 books including Of mice and men in 1937.
  • Often known for the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel For "the Grapes of Wrath"
  • In 1935, he won an award for best novel of the year.
  • He hated publicity and tried to stay out of pubic as much as possible,
  • He lived through the depression so he had a Character of survival and had great respect and dignity.
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Of Mice And Men

  • Of Mice and men is a ward winning Novel in 1937.
  • Main characters are Lennie, gorge, Candy, curlers wife and many more.
  • The author shares his experences About him being a low class immigrant.