Donation Blitz

In Support of The Comfort Cub

In honor of Malachi's "Golden" Birthday, over the next 9 hours, I'm asking that you take a moment to donate just $9.00 to The Comfort Cub. Today is April 9th and Malachi would be 9 years old today. You get the theme here, right? :-)
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For the past 17 years, The Comfort Cub has donated over 8,000 weighted teddy bears to mothers who have lost a child, or anyone else who has suffered a loss and is in need of comfort. I received my Comfort Cub while I was in the hospital recovering after my son Malachi passed away. My bear gave me peace, hope, and comfort during my time of grief, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that precious gift. I am honored to share my story in support of all who have lost, and want to help those who have lost by raising money to donate to The Comfort Cub.

During the month of April, Malachi's birthday month, I am hosting a fundraiser through my business, Origami Owl® Custom Jewelry, and will donate the proceeds of all jewelry sales to The Comfort Cub. Origami Owl jewelry is a collection of lockets, charms, and other jewelry pieces that you can use to create memories and tell your story. The locket I'm wearing in my video is the one I created for Malachi.

Lauren's Story - The Comfort Cub

Lauren Hogue - Leading Designer, Origami Owl

After learning about Origami Owl’s mission, I was immediately inspired to be a part of their team. Being that it is my goal to make an impact on the lives of others through hard-work, love and being all that God has called me to be, it seemed to be a perfect fit. And I couldn't be more excited to share that mission with you.
Let me help you design your statement with Origami Owl, and hopefully inspire you to “be a force for good.”