Women's Liberation

May all have equality!

Women's liberation

This is a series of campaigns to confront issues for women, such as reproductive rights equal pay all which fall under the subject of feminist, which have great persuasion even today for things like politics & media.

What happend to the women's movement?

despite the accomplishments the women made with the movement, gender equality has not yet been achieved. many more women work out side the home but are still belived to be payed less then men. when it all comes down to it there is no women"s movements anymore, there multiple organzation's working for women's equality. many are made to be that the topic of "women" or even the "womens movement" has become crazy & a waste of time. its a topic no longer discused among many.

May of 1969

Susan b. Anthony & Elizabeth Stanton formed the national women's suffrage association, with a primary goal to achieve voting rights for women. with Goverment & Constituinal.

From a movement to an idea.

During the 1980's 1990's a feminist perspective had spread widley, that are now found anywhere. but feminist aren't as supportive as they once were there known now to be in a "low- Deppresion." its becomed weakened along with many other movements but with this loss in confidence its belived it could cost a social change.