Dystopian Government Backstory

by Darcie Perez

The Beginning of the Society

Before this society runs like it is now, many living things started to suffer from a contagious disease that prevented them from functioning like a normal human-being. On a normal day in the lab, a very talented scientist, Fred McCurry, created a special medicine to help with the sickness. He tried it on a boy named John Evans and after two days it finally worked and the disease was finally out and started giving this medicine to people in need.

How It Changed Our Society

This changed the society because humans were dying slowly and painfully because of this disease, so the fact that someone could cure them changed everything. The young, talented scientist was praised by many of our citizens and our government. We then built a place just for this cure. Everyone was pleased by how the cure worked and how well it made our society grow.

Benefits of the Cure

The Goverment approves this cure and it won't let you down!

How The Society is Now!

Our society has changed ever since this cure was invented and brought joy to all of the citizens. This made humans healthier, more excitable, and they were back to their old selves. Since the medicine was such a success, it made a huge impact in our lifestyle. Although we might had some complaints about this change, we are proud of our society no matter what happens.