Eli whitney

By India Middleton

Eli Whitney he was born on (1765) and he died on !825) he a inventor and a manufacture. he also invented the cotton gin in 1793. but the cotton gin is picking the cotton and put it in the cotton gin and let it flat the cotton.


cotton gins use multiple powered cleaning cylinders and saws, and offer far higher productivity than their hand-powered forebears.Although simple handheld roller gins have been used in India and other countries since at least 500 AD. but some slaves gets their hand chop off while putting their hand in the cotton gin.

Whitney's cotton gin model was capable of cleaning 50 pounds 23 kg of lint per day. The model consisted of a wooden cylinder surrounded by rows of slender spikes which pulled the lint through the bars of a comb-like grid. The grids were closely spaced, preventing the seeds from passing through.