Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Early years

Born on Janurary 30, 1882 in Hudson Valley, New York. He traveled alot which made him fluent in French & German. He attended Groton School and later went to Havard College. He was the editor-in-chief of a magazine, and when his cousin Theodore became president, he was Franklin's role model. At 22, he married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.

Political Career

In 1910, he ran for New York State Senate as a democrat, and won because of his successful campaigns and because he was related to Theodore Roosevelt. In 1912, he supported Woodrow Wilson in the presidential election, who later appointed him to Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He founded the US Navy reserve, where he learned about labor/naval issues, gov during wartime, and logistics. In 1929, he became the government of New York. In 1932, he ran for president and succeeded. It was the Great Depression during that time, and he was able to decrease unemployment, create minimum wage, and isolated the US during that time.


He says thing about how they interrupted the peace, how we were at peace with Japan, they deceived us, many lived were lost, and states all of the places Japan attacked. He also says that the people of the US understand the lives and safety of the nation. He then says that our nation will remember this attack and that we will win. Then, he says that we will defend ourselves and will no longer be a danger, and with our determination that we will win.

I think that he was able to gain his desired support. His first statements were about how we were at peace, and then how it was broken and that Japan took a lot of lives. He then focuses on how the people of the nation want to defend themselves, and that they will beat Japan.