January 14, 2016

Dear Mason Community

Winter Has Arrived

Those blustery, snowy, winter days have finally arrived! Please be sure your child has warm winter gear for our outdoor recesses. Students can be outside for 30 minutes at lunch recess having fun building a fort or snowman! Consider sending in an extra pair of gloves for your child's locker, which can be easily exchanged for the soggy gloves from an earlier recess.

If you have any "G rated" movies or board games that you would like to donate to Mason, we would greatly appreciate them for inside recess days!

Our students are in the process of taking their NWEA reading and math tests, as well as a Grosse Pointe Writing practice assessment. Please be sure your child has plenty of rest, a good breakfast, and a healthy snack to perform at their optimal level.

Safety first! The parking lot is a continual challenge for everyone at the end of the day. We all value the safety of our children. If you pull into our parking lot, please be patient and wait in line until directed to the next available open space. The back parking area is limited to our staff, afernoon staff, as well as parents of students in Mrs. Bolt's room. Please do not enter that area unless directed by me or by Mrs. LaBarge. We are trying to find open parking spaces along with keeping the flow of traffic orderly and safe. Everyone's cooperation is key to the success of our efforts.

Be sure to check our school website for updates, information and calendar events.


Monday, January 18 - No School / Martin Luther King Day

Thursday, January 21 - KINDERGARTEN 2016-17 INFORMATIONAL NIGHT 7:00 P.M.

Thursday, January 21 - 5th grade Parcells registration afternoon

Monday, January 25 - Red Cross Blood Drive 2:30-8:30 p.m. / Mason

Friday, January 29 - No School / Staff Development

Friday, February 5 - Special Person Dance (save the date)

New District Young Fives Program Coming to Mason in 2016-17

The Board of Education approved expanding GPPSS kindergarten options to include a Young Fives program at three schools next year – Defer, Mason and Poupard.

Enrolling your child by February 26, 2016 for fall 2016 will place them in a lottery to be drawn on February 29, 2016. If space allows, all others will be on a first come first serve basis. The Young Fives program offers an alternative for children whose parents feel that they are not yet ready for a traditional kindergarten experience. Eligibility is determined by birth date--your child must turn five between March 1 and December 1, 2016.

Families that live within the district may apply to one of the identified schools offering Young Fives. Students who participate and complete the Young Fives program would be expected to return to their home school the following year. The natural progression from the Young Fives program would be Kindergarten. If a student meets the Kindergarten social, emotional, and academic expectations at the conclusion of the Young Fives program then they will work with their teacher and building principal regarding first grade placement for the following year. These decisions will be made on an individualized basis. The professional staff believes that each student is unique.

Our staff is dedicated to providing appropriate and stimulating experiences and activities from which your child can learn, grow, and develop a wholesome attitude toward learning. The programming for the Young Fives program will mirror kindergarten expectations with age appropriate pacing and differentiation. We’ll Do Our Part . . . to give your child the best education possible

Your child will be learning to . . . There will be activities designed to . . .
work alone and with others - build self-confidence
share and take turns - develop vocabulary
explore and expand abilities show differences in sounds and shapes
and interests -

Your child will have learning experiences There will be opportunities to . . .
related to . . . .
the environment - use the library
the weather and season - play rhythm instruments, hear stories
the human body - paint, paste, cut and fold
plants, animals - run, jump, and balance
personal health - dramatize stories, discuss ideas
There will be lessons about . . . There will be discussions and activities about . .
literacy, math, science, social studies - families, hones, and school
art, music, health - safety and much more!

The day is a wonderful combination of large and small group activities, with opportunities for individual and buddy work. Music, physical movement and art activities are woven throughout the curriculum and daily routine. The Young Fives classroom will also participate in physical education, library, music, and art each week. Recess is part of our daily routine to foster gross motor development. We want all our Young Fives to be happy and enthusiastic to learn.

We are very excited to be offering Young Fives at Mason for the 2016 – 2017 school year. We see this as a big plus for the Mason community! We’ll take excellent care of each and every Young Five student that is enrolled at Mason!

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have about the Young Fives program. Spread the word in your neighborhood especially to young families who have no children enrolled in the Grosse Pointe Schools at this time. These families should also feel very welcome to give us a call so please help communicate this as well.


Our Mason PTO is once again sponsoring an American Red Cross blood drive. The Pint Size Hero program encourages students to invite adults to give blood on their behalf. Join us on Monday, January 25th, 2016 between 2:30-8:30 p.m.

Please sign up: at sponsor code mason1640

Each student who invites an adult to come to donate will be recognized as a Point Size Hero and will receive an American Red Cross thank you gift and certificate. To donate blood, you must be a t least 17 years old. See flyer here:


The Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian Church has adopted Mason in a community effort to benefit our students. Over the holidays the church collected new mittens and hats for our Mason community. If your child is in need of mittens or a warm hat, please call the office and we would be happy to help your child pick new winter items.

We want to thank members of the church and look forward to partnering with GPW Presbyterian Church in the future!