Early life

Thomas Edison was born in Maryland Ohio,Febuary11,1847. While Edison was a child he began to lose his hearing. A little bit later on in his life in 1868 he took a job in the western union telegraph. When he was 12 years old he started publishing and selling news papers to people who rode on the train. At 15 years old he started operating telegraphs. Once the train operator let Edison create a chemistry lab in the back, When he was doing an experiment he set the train cart on fire. when he was a kid he would always find a way to get himself in trouble. One day he did an experiment with worms and water, He mashed up the worms and added water to it, he convinced one of his friends into drinking it, his friend got sick and he got in trouble. He used to go to a school, but his mom soon home schooled him. his favorite type of books were science. He didn't know it at first, but his curiosity and love for asking questions would soon lead him to changing the world.

Important Inventions

I don't want to spoil to many inventions of his so I'll tell you the top 4!

1. Light Bulb-It was invented because he wanted to have a long source of light, he invented it by using cotton tread baking an oven, the process of making the light bulb wasn't easy at first, the first idea he tried doing a piece of metal or carbon (called filament) the hooked it up to 2 wires.

2.Voice Recorder-it was invented to eletricaly record votes, it was invented by 1868, the process of making the voice recorder was very pastionatly.

3.Etheroscope-used to invent the radio for years later, it was invent by strange sparks called etheric force, the process of making it was simple.

4.Tin Foil Phonograph- It was invented to create sound, the Tin Foil Phonograph was invented by tin foil wrapped around a cylinder, the first recorded word are "Mary had a little lamb.", the process of making the Tin Foil Phonograph was not easy or harp to accomplish making it.

Inventor Information

Thomas Edison had so great accomplishments, but 3 really good ones are 1. When he created the light bulb 2. He got more than 1,000 patients for inventions 3. He was invited to the white house to show president Rutherford B. Hayes, his invention called the phonograph. Thomas Edison is remembered for creating the light blub as we al know. Thomas Edison made an impact on our society was when he invented the light blub like we said above, it made it easier for us to have light without having to use oil and lamps.

Impact of Inventions

Some differences his inventions have made in our world are... Well lets just start off with the light bulb, It made a difference in our world by allowing us to see with the flip of a switch! Instead of having to use oil lamps, It must have been great to have it when he was around, now light bulbs are nothing special, His invention of the light bulb did make an impact on our personality, it made an impact by letting us be able to see by the flip of a switch, the good thing about the light bulb is that it wont run out of energy for a very long time



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