Panther Updates


Here Are Some More Staff Youngster Pics. Can You Guess Who They Are?


Welcome Back Track 2

Announcements for the week of September 11-September 15, 2017

SEPTEMBER 11th: A tragic day in our Nation’s history will be remembered on Monday. Although there are no official plans as of yet to remember the day, be mindful of the event and if you were affected, all of us at PUE are sorry for your loss. Consider using the following books to include in your classroom discussions of the event. Scholastic has a lesson plan link to help students understand 9/11, too.

Staff Meeting Thursday (9/14): Our Flexible Benefits Rep. and Voya Financial Rep. are scheduled to be here this Thursday. Please arrive on time as we will start promptly.

RECESS: Please adhere to the recess schedules as closely as possible. If you are early or late, then other classes are affected. If your recess needs to be changed due to an event or other issue, please call Ms. Fricke or the front office to verify any changes.

LUNCH: Teachers: Please go to lunch the first track-in day to assist teacher assistants with classes at the beginning and end of the lunch period. If class seating needs to be changed, please do so in the notebook in the lunchroom.

PDPs/Self Assessments/Orientation Date:

IF you have not already completed your self assessment and orientation training date (July 17, 2017) please do so right away as they are currently due. Thank you to those who have already completed this.


Mark Your Calendars

Monday, September 11

  • 9/11/01 Anniversary-See link to resources above.
  • 8:00 Intervention Team Meeting in Conference Room

Tuesday, September 12

  • 8:00 Global Committee in Heather Shipley's Room

Wednesday, September 13

  • 7:45 PLTs

Thursday, September 14

  • 7:45 Staff Meeting
  • 2:45 Read-a-Thon Pep Rally for Tracks 2 and 4 in Gym

Monday, September 18

  • 5:30 Board Advisory Committee Meeting at West Millbrook Middle School (Discussion Theme: Student Assignment 2018-19).

Tuesday, September 19

  • 8:15 PTA Meeting in Media Center

Tuesday, September 26

  • BYOD Kindergarten Meeting T 2,3 6-6:45, T 1,4 6:45-7:30

Thursday, September 28

  • 5-8 Barnes & Noble Night-Come see staff read and our chorus sing.

Friday, September 29

  • Student Global Kickoff K-2, T 2-4
  • Early Release. Students dismissed at 1:15.
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon/Professional Development


Duties for the Week of September 11-15, 2017

AM Hallway: Shipley (Help greet parents/students, check with Ms. Person to see what is needed at the visitor sign-in tables or the carpool tag/ transportation table.)

AM Carpool: Newman (Help Safety Patrol, call for more help if needed, monitor carpool lane)

AM Breakfast: Renfrow (Work with students regarding lunch numbers, encourage students to eat and get directly to class.)

AM Bus: Lavin (Write down arrival times of buses. Work with Fricke to disembark students, trouble-shoot issues.)

Lunch Duty: Fitzgerald, Lavin, Crum, Newman, Renfrow, Bednar, Narvaez

(Work with one another to use the "warning" behavior system, train students to pick up trash/sweep, and inform teachers of issues. Update the seating charts in the notebook as needed.) Others may be called to assist Lavin/others for coverage as needed. The office will contact you if necessary. Let the office staff know if help is needed, as well.

PM Hallway: Barber (Check all students for tags in the bus line. If a student does not have a tag, inform Fricke and Ms. Britt ASAP. )

PM Carpool: Crum, Garrett (outside) Fitzgerald, Perry, Cooper (inside) Hymel (Specialists or Perry fill in- contact office is there is a change and to let us know who is covering) (Call carpool numbers. If a parent doesn't have a carpool tag, Personnel can change around who is inside/outside if needed, but please communicate the changes to Biles/Fricke/Perry and cover all areas.

PM Bus: Schoenebeck (Call one bus at a time. Write down arrival times. CHECK FOR BUS TAGS ON EACH CHILD'S BOOKBAG. Work with Britt and Barber to trouble-shoot, solve issues.)

**If someone is not available, staff members that are available may be called to assist.*

Please notify the administration of any issues/concerns with the duty schedule ASAP.