Romeo and Juliet

Falling in love

Act 2 , Scene 1

There is a new love between Romeo and Juliet . They are supposed to be enemies and that makes it hard for them to be together. The cant be seen in public together because it is forbidden for them to even talk. they have to be secretive about seeing each other.. no one can know they have fallen in love.

Act , Scene 2

Friar Lawrence is picking herbs and such when Romeo arrives Friar Lawrence thinks he has slept with Rosaline. Romeo explains to Friar that he no longer wants Rosaline , he wants to be with Juliet. Romeo wants to be married to Juliet and asks Friar to marry them right away. At first Friar was curious how Romeo got over Rosaline so fast but then agrees to marry them because he thinks it will solve the problems between the two families.

Act 2 , Scene 3

Mercutio and Benvolio know that Romeo did not come home that night. They both make fun of him because they thought he spent the night with Rosaline. Mercutio and Benvolio are arguing and Romeo is supposed to fight someone but they said he was weakened by love. The nurse arrives and spoke to Romeo. Romeo tells her to make sure Juliet is at confession and that is when they shall be married.

Act 2 , Scene 4

Juliet is waiting for the nurse to arrive with the news . she has been waiting three hours when she said she would only be gone for thirty minutes. when the nurse gets back she says she is much too tired , too sore , and too out of breath to tell Juliet what has happened with Romeo. The nurse finally tells Juliet that Romeo is going to be waiting to marry her at confession.

Act 2 , Scene 5

Romeo and Friar Lawrence wait for Juliet to arrive. Romeo doesnt care about the reaction of the marriage he loves Juliet and he is living in the moment. Juliet gets there and she speaks words of love to Romeo and expresses how much she cares about him and then they are married by Friar Lawrence .