Singing in the Rain

Kenny Wormald, Channing Tatum, Juliana Hough

These three actors are our choices for the roles of the remake of singing in the rain.

Kenny Wormald

Kenny Wormald

He is a good choice for Don because he is serious and romantic.
Kenny Wormald is best known for the movies Footloose, Kid cannibis, center stage, and clerks II.

Dancing 10, Acting 8, singing 7

Footloose 2011: Angry Dance Scene

Channing Tatum


Channing Tatum

He is a good choice for cosmo because he is serious in a joking matter.
He's best known for these movies:

Magic Mike

21 Jump Street

Step Up

Singing 7, Dancing 8, Acting 8

Juliana Hough

Footloose first dance scene

Juliana Hough

We choose Juliana Hough Because she is a very talented actor and she is amazing at singing.
Singing 10, Dancing 10, Acting 9
shes best known for theses movies: safe heaven, footloose, rock of ages
Drake Dobard, paul caldwell, Jamie Laurents