What to visit along the Nile river.

By: Jakob Lewis

Aswan high dam

It was built in the 1960s-1970s. The Aswan High Dam is located in Aswan,Egypt. It is located by the Nile River. It was built to help control flooding because when it wasn't there every spring the river would flood. It was also built to protect people from the river because of it flooding. picture source:http://purpleopurple.com/tourism/modern-wonders/aswan-high-dam.html

The Qasr El Bridge

The Qasr El Bridge was built in 1932 to replace the Gezira Bridge. The bridge ias a enjoyable Nile Walk for many tourist and some Egyptian too. This bridge is situated amongst a number of the important tourist sites in Cairo. It is used for pedestians, donkey cars and carriages. It soon couldn't hold all the cars passing over it so the goverment announced that it would be erected. Soon a new bridge was built the Sydney Harbor Bridge. This bridge is over the Blue Nile and it lets tourist go from the east side to the west side of Egypt.

Picture sources:http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/qasrbridge.htm

Cairo Egypt

This city is home to more than 16 million people, Cairo, the capital of Egypt is Africa's largest city. The traffic lights are often ignored and donkey carts still vie with cars for the right of way. It is the shoppers paradise if you like to bargain. The archaeologist s' fantasy, a drivers nightmare. You can see the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx the oldest tourist destination in the world.

Picture source:http://0.tqn.com/d/goafrica/1/0/w/2/pyramid.jpg

Karima, Sudan

Karima, Sudan is a relaxed and friendly town with colourfully painted adobe building at the foot of the Jebel Bakal mountain. The mountains was a spiritual place for the ancient Egyptians and Nubuans. In the shadow of Jebel Bakal are the 3,750 year-old ruins of the Temple of Amon, where carved columns and rows of Sphinx rise from hieroglyphic rubble. All around the mountain you can find two rows of perfectly intact pyramids at Merowe and the medieval Old Dongola where more than 40 large rugby ball shaped tombs spill out across the Nubian desert.

Picture source: http://marktanner.com/niletrip/Source-Nile-to-Nile-River-Valley-to-Nile-Delta-Egipt.html

Here are some more pictures of the places.